Marketing Through Emails

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Welcome to this episode of The Money Wheel. 

My name is Kris Hutchinson.

Today what I want to do is talk about email. 

I know email’s been around forever and I’ve even heard some people say that email marketing is dead. 

But I’m here to tell you that it’s just not true.

When you look at different forms of marketing email, it is actually the most preferred method of marketing that your customers like to receive.

It’s not intrusive like television commercials or pop up ads. 

With email marketing, generally, they have already accepted that you are going to send them emails and they look in their inbox for that.

There’s even a promotions tab inside of Gmail that’s built specifically for that. 

Email marketing is alive and working well for everybody.

I want to give you a few tips on how to make email marketing work well for you.

When you first begin your email sequence; this is the first email that they receive from you. 

Usually it’s in relation to a gift that you’ve given.

This is going to be your lead back then. 

Make sure that you have the link in there so that they can download whatever it is or access, whatever the gift was that you promised them.

Now, what I like to do is: within 24 hours, I send a follow-up email, just to make sure that they’ve seen it.

What this does is puts your name in their inbox a second time, pretty quickly, that way they get used to seeing your name there among the list of senders.

And a good thing to do here is, especially if you’ve given them some kind of ebook for a lead magnet, is to actually reference the book inside your email.

An example would be something like this – ‘Hey, I just want to make sure that you got your download and make sure you check out the tip that I give on page 14, because it’s the one that changed my business the most’.

When I do this, I don’t ever say what the tip is. 

I just referenced the page number or the chapter number, because what that does is makes them want to discover what it is.

We just do that little tease inside the email. 

Now they are going to open it up and they are going to read it, because that’s really the goal here. 

We want them to read through your information, that way they’re getting the most value out of it.

It starts to begin to build that relationship with you. 

As you move through your emails, the other thing that’s important to do is to have a call to action. 

Ask them to do something inside every email, whether it’s clicking a link to watch or read an article, or just hit reply and right back to you. 

It’s always good to end an email on a question and ask them to hit reply and write you back.

That does two different things. 

The first is, it conditions the customer that when they open an email, they’re going to click on something.

Whether it’s an article that you’ve sent the reply button for or the link to whatever program it is that you’re selling, we want them to get that condition that, ‘whenever I opened your email, I’m going to click on something and move on to the next page or to the next phase of the process’.

The other thing that it does is, it trains their inbox that every time they receive an email from you, they’re going to click it.

Maybe they’re going to reply. 

Maybe they’re going to go to a link. 

What it does is it increases that interaction, that engagement. 

And when the inbox sees this, especially with Gmail, it says, ‘okay, they [the user] are engaged with emails from this business so I’m going to put these emails inside their inbox’. 

‘We’re not going to go to the promotions tab’. 

‘We’re going to go directly to their inbox, because they’re so engaged with them’.

That’s why having a call to action inside your emails is very important. 

So those are the big tips that I have for today for emails.

And we’ll see you next time on The Money Wheel.