From Idea To Income – #1

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Welcome to this episode of The Money Wheel. 

My name is Don Shade. 

As we’ve walked down this path of building your Million Dollar Roadmap, I’ve covered a lot of decent points on how to do this and how to do that and the kind of mindset that you want to have.

One of the things that has come to light here in the last couple of weeks is: exactly how do I take an idea and monetize it to turn it into income for my online business?

So, what I’m going to do here over the next couple of episodes is kind of explain that: how we go from basically an idea to income.

Let me share a story with you. 

There’s a local convenience store that I go in and I get coffee quite often.

I talk to the one guy there all the time. 

What he said to me is that he just recently had a daughter.

And we’ve talked about him doing some stuff online to maybe set up another stream of income for him and his fiance and to build wealth for his family, because he’s seen my Millionaire Maker 360 shirts.

He knows all about that kind of stuff, because we’ve talked about it. 

One of the things that shocked me, he said to me, ‘Don, I don’t have an internet connection in my apartment’.

It really shocked me, because I thought, ‘well, who doesn’t have an internet connection at their house?’. 

He said, ‘my fiance and I, we do everything on our phone’. 

‘If I need to do something online, it’s going to take a little while’.

‘I go to my parents’ house, a lot of times they’ll invite us over for dinner, and I take my laptop and do what I need to do then’.

The reason I share that story is this: it started to make me think that maybe there’s a lot of other people in that position that don’t necessarily have a good online connection at their house due to, they’re trying to save money, or for other reasons.

What this guy said to me was, ‘when you have a brand new child, and it’s your first one, you’re not sure about all the expenses that are going to come with it’.

‘So we cut some corners and got rid of an online service at my house’. 

So with that being said, the very first step of looking to turn your idea into income is we want to step back and look: are you going to be doing your internet work at your house?

Or do you have something else set up? 

Because one of the things I didn’t realize, and I’m sure a lot of you don’t realize, you start thinking that everybody thinks the way you do.

I was so used to dealing with people that just automatically had internet at their house, and it was no big deal.

I’m sure there’s a lot of other people out there that work just like this guy.

They figure, ‘I have a thousand dollar iPhone, I can do whatever I need to do on it’. 

That’s true until you’re ready to start building an online business, then we need to look at, ‘okay, I’m going to get some kind of internet service in my house so that I can start taking my idea to income and building my Million Dollar Roadmap’.

This is just the first key step that I want you to think about, because if you called them today to get online service hooked up, they’re not going to be there tomorrow.

Usually it takes a week or so. 

So I want you to realize that the first thing we need to look at is making sure you have good internet service to be able to build your online business and start creating your Million Dollar Roadmap.

That’s everything I have for today on this episode of The Money Wheel.