Why Not Collect $100 Bills

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Welcome to this episode of The Money Wheel. 

My name is Don Shade. 

In the last couple episodes, we’ve covered a lot of information on how to do this and how to do that. 

About 150 episodes, so to speak.

One of the things we didn’t cover is this: most everybody collects something. 

They have a hobby they’re into and they put money into that, or they have their house decorated in something, maybe cows or frogs or whatever it is.

Most people are attracted to something that they like to collect. 

I want you to start thinking differently. 

I want you to start thinking with a millionaire mindset from this day forward: you’re going to look at yourself as somebody that collects a hundred dollar bills.

I know that put a smile on your face! 

As we build your online business, it’ll get to the point where : ‘I’ve made my first hundred dollars or I’ve made a couple of hundred dollars off of my course or my product’. 

A $100 bill doesn’t do as much as it used to.

But what if you started collecting them on a regular basis, a couple of times, just from building your online business? 

The reason I bring this up is, most people don’t stop to think about the kind of wealth that their online business is going to create.

Everybody is looking so far ahead on, ‘I’m going to be a millionaire’. 

‘I’m going to this, that, and the other thing, using the power of the internet’. 

And you can.

It’s stuff that I’ve coached on.

But the thing I want you to look at: before you can be a millionaire in anything, you must first take care of today’s cash flow needs.

I heard that quote years ago from Ron Legrand, the first real estate training I was ever in. 

Let’s look at putting a hundred dollar bill in your wallet and then putting in another one.

How would you feel if you were carrying 500 bucks in your wallet that you made from your online business? 

As we look forward, we start building wealth using this whole system that I’ve created: The Million Dollar Roadmap, and you start looking at yourself as ‘I’m somebody who collects a hundred dollar bills on a regular basis using the power of the internet’.

It changes your mindset, and that’s the most important thing here. 

It doesn’t matter about your product or who you’re selling it to.

The first thing that needs to change is how you look at yourself. 

When you start looking in the mirror and thinking: ‘I’m somebody that collects a hundred dollar bills, and I know how to build wealth’, it changes your mindset. 

Once again, this is just an episode to make you think. 

Good luck on starting your hundred dollar bill collection!

That’s all I’ve got for this episode of The Money Wheel.