Having Bad Days

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Welcome to this episode of The Money Wheel. 

My name is Don Shade. 

I’m going to ask you kind of an odd question today: have you ever had days where it just seems like no matter what you do, the world is kicking you?

I mean, you don’t have a friend in the world, no matter what you do? 

What did that do to your attitude?

I’m going to be open and honest here with you and I’m going to share some stuff I’m going through. 

I’ve been struggling with a few things for a little while, maybe six weeks or about a month. 

I was just having some issues with some things and I was trying to get it sorted out.

Well, I went and dealt with another coach and I took her training, it was six different courses. 

And I honestly have to tell you, at the end of those six courses, I was a different person coming out of the other side.

When I started her training, I was pretty much upset with the world and there wasn’t anything going my way, and that’s just the way it felt. 

Most of the time when it feels that way, it’s not exactly the world ganging up on you, it’s just the way you feel.

One of the things I learned in that training was this: I started to write, not really a journal every day, but kind of my thoughts.

‘What is the mindset I’m in today; is it good, is it bad, am I upset?’ 

‘Would I be ready to punch Santa Claus in the mouth if he came through the door,?’ 

And some days you just feel like that! 

With all that being said, when I started doing this personal journal, it started to make a difference in the way I felt.

There’s something to writing that stuff down and getting it out in the open. 

Now, I’ve experimented with it somewhat. 

I try to write in the morning and that kind of lays all the thoughts out for the day.

That allows me to say, ‘Hey, what is it I want to accomplish today, what kind of mindset do I have?’.

‘Is there something going to happen today that’s going to hold me back from what I want to achieve?’

This is all of the things that I look at, because everybody has days where life gets in the way, I don’t care what you’re doing.

And some days you just don’t feel like going to work for whatever reason. 

When you sit down and you write this stuff out, it makes a difference in the way you handle your day.

The whole exercise has carried me through a lot of things over time. 

The reason I’m sharing it with you is because it may be something you want to try.

One of the things I’m experimenting with is when to write in it. 

In the morning to set the mood for the day, at night before bed, or maybe sit down in the middle of the day and say, ‘here’s the kind of day I’m having and I want to change it from here out’. 

The biggest thing that I’ve learned is: when you’re going through all this stuff and you’re able to write it out like that and basically see it on pen and paper, so to speak, it allows you to de-stress from a lot of it.

I just wanted to share this with you, because it made such a big difference for me in the last month or so.

This is one of the more personal Money Wheel podcasts that I’ll do because of that. 

Usually I don’t share the fact that I struggle with some things as well, but it got to the point that I felt I needed to go out and deal with a different coach so I could get through it and get back to where I wanted to be, to be able to come in here and coach you how to build your online business and how to create the wealth that you’re looking for.

And once I went through that exercise and saw the difference that it made over 30 days, I wanted to share with you so you could do the same thing. 

That’s everything I have for today’s episode. 

We’ll see you next time on The Money Wheel.