Planning Your Days

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Welcome to this episode of The Money Wheel. 

My name is Don Shade. 

As we’re putting together your online business and we’re getting things moving forward, here’s where a lot of people make a mistake.

Something will happen and it’ll derail the train for a day or two, or maybe even a week. 

People will decide, ‘well, it’s getting late in the week, I’ll start Monday’. 

Monday comes along and they come up with another excuse. 

Suddenly you’re in the middle of the month, ‘Well, I’ll get all my goals next month’. 

One of the biggest things that I’m always talking about with an online business is this – if you don’t do it, you’ve lost nothing, because your income doesn’t change; you haven’t really lost any kind of investment. 

What I want you to think about though is this – what if you planned what your days were going to look like?

Sometimes things happen and it throws your life into a tailspin, and you just don’t get done what you wanted to get done 

Tomorrow, pick up where you left off, give yourself one day to decompress and kind of pull it together and be ready to move forward again.

One of the things that Kris and I are setting up right now is a 90 day challenge where if people mess up on that 90 day challenge, they’re ready to hold off and start over.

You know what the easiest way to handle it is?: just add a day or two days or a week onto your 90 day challenge and stay on track.

Forget about the days that got messed up, pick up right where you left off and keep moving forward. 

And this will keep you in line with the goals that you have set.

The reason a lot of people don’t hit the big goals that they set is because when things go into a tailspin for a day or a week, or whatever the situation is, they don’t address it and move forward.

They just say – ‘wow, that didn’t work out for me for whatever reason’. 

What about your goal? 

Things will come up day to day, things that are going to try to screw up the goal. 

You probably couldn’t make it through a week-long challenge without having things come up in your life that’s going to change your schedule. 

Life is a 24/7 event. 

You’ve got to be prepared that when things happen, you know how to deal with it and move forward.

So I guess the point of this whole podcast is this: When life gets in the way, you have to know how to step over the hurdles and keep moving forward to your goals.

This is just something to make you think. 

That’s everything I have for today’s episode of The Money Wheel.