Habits that will change your savings

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

As we’re putting together your million dollar roadmap and building your new business, or improving your existing business, you’ll recall previous emails about clearing a credit card for use in driving traffic to your ads. 

As I said before, The first rule to wealth isn’t how much you make, it’s how much you keep. 

Are you starting to put yourself on a budget? 

Have you added up all your bills, and added up all your income, to see exactly where your budget stands every single month? 

Did you determine where to cut corners for redirecting money into building the business? 

Are you willing to make short-term sacrifices for long-term gains?

As you do all of these things mentioned above you’re going to find that many of your habits are changing for the better.

Perhaps you’re somebody that smokes and you’re going to realize, “Wow, I’m spending a lot of money on this habit and I don’t really need to do this anymore”. 

Consider what benefits you gain from either choice: Will you be in better health five years from now because you continued smoking? or will your health improve and you have more money to invest in your business by quitting?

Individuals with a good credit history may find an easier path to business building because they are more likely to be granted credit extensions, and/or increases on credit cards, as a way to fund a new business.

But, if you’re somebody that doesn’t have good credit for whatever reason, there’s no need to panic since you’re still able to build a business by utilizing areas that offer free traffic tools. 

I’m not getting into those free tools in this email but, my business partner, Kris will go over some of the ways that you can get free traffic in future communications. 

What I want you to think about next is this:  “With my business moving forward, and with the way things are going for me right now, what can I do to help me reach my dream lifestyle the quickest?

What’s the easiest change I can make to receive the biggest improvement? 

What that comes down to is this:  You’re going to start looking at the way you’re handling day-to-day life to get you towards the lifestyle of your dreams. 

Honestly, here’s what it comes down to.

Everybody says they want to be a millionaire but, truth be known, nobody’s interested in the million dollars… they’re interested in the choices that million dollars provides. 

That’s the reason you’re changing your habits… to have choices.

I want you to start looking at changing your habits now and managing your money to get to the point that it provides you with options in life.