The Tool of PrePlanning

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Let’s cover a few new items as we reflect on how things are going for you.

Remember how we discussed the challenges Kris and I were dealing with by petitioning our “Facebook jail” status when our ads were shut down?

Ask yourself these questions under the context of various points we have discussed thus far:  

  • What challenges have you dealt with in the last week? 
  • How are you thinking differently about the way things happen and about the ways you deal with challenges? 
  • How are you managing your time?

These are areas you need to keep a handle on as it can change day-by-day or hour-by-hour. 

It’s typical that when a new year starts, and in an effort to make the year ahead better than years before, everybody sets New Year’s resolutions and declares goals they want to achieve in the upcoming year. 

Well, by the end of January, the average person is over those resolutions and returned to life as normal.

It is hard to change your habits, but I want you to make a conscious effort that this year is going to be your year. 

If today doesn’t go the way you planned and stuff gets in the way, start over tomorrow. 

Every day is a new start. 

If you’re having a rough morning, look at what you can do to make the afternoon different. 

This is what wealthy people do to keep themselves on track. 

It isn’t just because you have money and a big business that your bad days are over.

You’re still going to have rough days and you’re still going to face challenges but it’s how you handle them and what you do to get yourself back on track that truly matters.

Obviously nobody’s perfect at it so give yourself some grace.

I struggle with it every day and sometimes I need to step back for 15-30 minutes, or even a full hour, to get my head back on track and get refocused on my plan for the day. 

Sometimes clarity is best gained by walking away for a moment and pulling your thoughts together so you can determine the best path forward or the best choice when making decisions.

Ultimately, we’re looking to free up some of your time by making you more decisive by using pre-planning as a tool for troubleshooting.

That way, when you’re facing challenges, you are able to overcome the obstacles faster and return to business building sooner, which moves you closer to that lifestyle of your dreams. 

Obviously, you know by now, if you’ve been reading these emails, that I say a lot of things that’ll make you think differently about the way you live your life and some of the goals that you set.

And usually it’s a quick hit and I’m in and out. 

So we’ll make this email the same as all the rest.