Advertising to publish

Hello, friends and future millionaires.

It’s Kris here to provide you with some of those free sources of traffic that Don mentioned in the last email.

In your business, even if you’re unable to run ads, you still need people to see your offer.

So how can you do that? 

Advertising is really all about publishing and there are several different ways to publish online. 

You can publish via a podcast.

Or a consumer can watch a video, like you would on Facebook or YouTube.

Having a podcast, a YouTube channel, or a Facebook video, is just ways to get your message out there and allows people to consume your material by listening.

But you can also let them read your material via an email, a blog article, or even by posting and participating in Facebook groups.

When using these formats, be sure you don’t jump right into spamming them with links to your offer without stating what value you provide. 

You need to become a trusted source within that group and in that community so start by spending a few days or weeks giving nothing but valued comments on posts or providing your own post with valuable information. 

Include anything of value you think you can add to the conversation: share your opinions, agree with people, disagree with people, anything to let them know that you are an authority in the space.

Stay aware of any problem(s) mentioned  that could be solved with your offer and gently point them to your services. 

It could be something like, “Hey, here’s this offer that I saw; Maybe it can help you with your problem.”

You don’t want to be too pushy, because that’s a sure way to get kicked out of a Facebook group, so make sure you’re reading the Facebook groups terms and conditions before making an offer in case “selling” is prohibited in the group. 

Some groups have specific rules about linking out to sales products but you could present the link in a private message to a group member if you have established relationships in the group.

With blog articles, again, make sure you’re providing good value to everybody, and include the link to your offer at the end of the article. 

You can publish your blog articles on your own website and/or you can find other high-traffic websites that will host your blog.

Now, when you first start publishing, you need to realize that it takes a while for you to grow but we can accelerate growth by using cross promotion. 

An example of cross promotion is, if you’re doing a podcast, one great way to grow your podcast audience is being featured on other people’s podcasts.

Have them interview you for exposure but then direct that new audience back to your podcast for additional information on your speciality topic.

You can also do the reverse and you interview the other podcaster, and they can promote on their own show and say, “Hey, listen to this interview that I did with my friend on this channel.” 

You can also cross promote blogs since many blog writers are often looking for new content to feature on their websites. 

So reach out to them and say, “Hey, I’ve got something to say about your particular topic. Would you mind if I wrote an article and would you feature it on your website?” 

Just make sure that you agree ahead of time to any links that you may have to your offers and make sure that it’s okay with the host. 

So those are just a few ideas on how you can get some free traffic back to your on-line office to see your offer.