What is your CTA?

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Welcome to this episode of The Money Wheel. 

My name is Andrea Koput. 

Today, we’re going to call out to your CTA.

You are going to call out to your CTA and first ask yourself first: Do you remember what that is? 

We’ve mentioned this, your CTA is the most important thing on your page. 

And every single bit of content has one. 

CTA is your call to action.

How are you bringing attention to this call to action? 

This is the net, the step in the chain that takes people from one place to another.

It’s absolutely crucial and critical that you call out to it. 

What does that mean? It means that you differentiate that simple step, that simple piece in your content, whatever it is and make it different, stand out, bold, italicize.

There’s so many ways that we’ve been doing this for a long time. 

I want to bring up to you the most common CTA that everybody sees on a daily basis.

If they’re digital, we see this CTA every day and we probably don’t even realize it is one, because we’re so used to it, and it stands out subtly. 

Ask yourself, ‘why are hyperlinks, those little bits of text in an email, in a copy, in a different color than other text?’.

That is our passive CTAs (call to actions). 

This is a passive identifier that elegantly demands your engagement and that is what a proper CTA does.

Every content should have a defined call to action. 

Depending on what type of content you’re building: emails, blogs, that content should have CTAs.

The next step in the chain.

This brings a person, a customer, a client, a follower along on the journey and it continues the process.

Otherwise you’re developing content, which is great for enjoyment, but with no discernible, next step.

People enjoy it, but if they put it down, their journey with you is over. 

That’s a real good way to develop good content, but not to make the conversions, not to make the sales.

So your call to action must and has to stand out from every other element on your page, on your store, your blog, your email, your piece of work you’ve built.

Your CTA has to be different, different color, different text, different font, different formatting. 

These are different options, and it has to stand out.

As I brought up in the very beginning of this piece, the hyperlinks we’ve been reading in emails for the last 10-15 years have always subtly stuck out. 

The reference links to pieces of content that went to another place, they always stuck out. 

These were passive calls to actions. 

We as marketers don’t want to be so passive all the time.

We want our content, our call to actions to stick out. 

If we are selling something, we want them to clearly know exactly what it is we want them to do.

‘What do you click to go to the next step?’ 

Your buy button, for example, should stick out and be a different color than anything else on your page.

Your buy button should be a color that is not found anywhere else. 

Look at some of your favorite retail shops.

Look at some of those online, their buy buttons, stick out: They’re larger, they’re a different color, they’re a different font.

Every place does it a little differently, but every CTA should do the same purpose: Making the money.

Call out to your CTA, make sure it stands out and then you will see and reap the rewards.

That’s everything I have for this episode of The Money Wheel

Have a good one.