Analysis Paralysis

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Welcome to this episode of The Money Wheel. 

My name is Andrea Koput. 

I am here to ask you a really simple question and it’s something for every single person. Whether you live in the woods with me or in the city, we’re all victim to this – Analysis Paralysis

What does that mean? 

Analysis paralysis is the paradox of choice. 

That means in our day to day life, you go to places such as Walmart or Target, to buy yourself a pair of socks, and there are hundreds of types of socks. 

There’s too many options, that makes you go crazy, and you don’t know which one to pick, that in its most basic form is analysis paralysis.

It’s too many options, it stalls your brain, and it makes you think too hard over a really simple choice.

This is a pair of socks in our world that we’re talking about. Our world of entrepreneurs, of commerce, of being the person we are in building our business. 

Analysis paralysis is giving your client, your customer, your follower, your fan, too many options.

Whether it’s a form of the direct sale, the color, the variant, the copy, the style, giving them too many things for their eyes to look at, to focus on. 

How many things are you as that person delivering to the viewer for them to process?

We’re simple people. 

We are simple beings that are given this huge mainframe of technology and a computer can handle infinite possibilities, equations and synapses at once.

But guess what? My brain doesn’t work like a computer, neither does yours. 

We are simple people that need a very defined, laid out map of what we’re giving.

What does that mean? The money flows, wherever the eye goes. 

If the eye is given 10 different colors and 6 different fonts and 12 different pictures, that is too many pings for the viewer to focus on.

And what does that translate to us? Bounce rate. 

What does that mean? No more sales. 

That means they come, they see; their brain sees way too many things and they bounce, they opt out, they say they unsubscribe. 

These are all no-nos that we want to avoid at all possible. 

Too many options kills the conversion.

How do I make that simple? 

I work in the law of threes: no more than three colors, three options, three variants, three fonts.

Is there gonna be a special circumstance for everything? You bet. 

But to keep it simple, you shouldn’t have more than three colors on your pages, three fonts or three variants of style.

If you’re selling shirts, that means you’re only gonna give them three different styles, three colors to pick from. Once you’re giving them all of these different options, their mind can’t focus enough to click on what they want, because you put in that element of doubt.

When a person is given too many decisions, the brain goes into mental overload and we never want this to happen.

We don’t mean for it to happen. 

Overload is never good. 

Nobody likes that feeling, even subliminally. 

And that’s the thing we’re working with here.

These are things that happen in the mind that we don’t even realize are happening. 

So keep it simple, keep it clean. 

Less is always more. 

Remember, we are simple people, give them just enough options to give them variety without too many options, that leads them to insanity.

Keep things simple. 

Do not allow your viewers, your fans, your clients, your customers, to become victims of analysis paralysis. 

Bring them, lead them by the eye, by the brain, with your hand, virtually, digitally, to the conversions so you can serve them and they can serve others.

That’s everything I have for this episode of The Money Wheel

I will talk to you all later.