Tough Love

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Welcome to this episode of The Money Wheel. 

My name is Don Shade. 

Now I want to prepare you a little bit, because I’m going to be straight up and I’m going to get a little tough with you here.

You know, for the last a hundred days, you’ve heard me talk about building a dream board and building a list and putting your team together.

Now we’re moving into phase two of building your million dollar roadmap, and I’m going to assume that you’ve done all the stuff that we talked about.

If you need help, reach out to myself, or to help you get some of that stuff done.

But here’s what’s going to happen moving forward.

You know, if you want nice, go to church. 

If you want a friend, buy a dog.

You’re following this because you want change in your life and you want to build a business.

It’s going to get you and your family financially free. 

Well, you know what? 

That means that I have to be straight up and honest with you and tell you some stuff that you may not really want to hear, but here’s what it comes down to.

When you walk down this path, you’re going to be able to build the kind of business you’ve always dreamed of building.

And you’re going to be able to make the kind of money that you’re looking to make everything that we’re teaching you here.

These are all learned skills. 

My team, none of us were born with these skills; I certainly wasn’t. 

Back when I was in high school, nobody saw this kind of business. 

It didn’t even exist back then and maybe a lot of you are in that same boat.

Well, now you have the opportunity that you can plug into a system and be able to build the kind of business that you’re looking to create to set your family up income wise, to do the things you’ve always wanted to do in your life.

And I know this, this episode seemed a little tough and I talked to you more straightforward than I usually do.

But what you need to realize is we’ve spent a hundred days getting you ready to take the next step. 

So now we’re going into phase two and we’re going to focus more on putting your business together and getting you to the point where you’re, you’re starting to get checks, or you’re starting to increase your income.

You’re getting better with your finances. 

You’re using your time better. 

It’s going to get more serious as we go. 

That’s everything I have for this episode of The Money Wheel.