Through Their Eyes

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Welcome to this episode of The Money Wheel. 

My name is Andrea Koput. 

Today, I am here to talk about you being and acting as the eyes of your customer.

You are the active participant in your business, acting as a spokesperson for your customer. 

You are the salesman, the marketer and acting as the personal representative for your customer.

This is my personal level of expertise. 

So this is why it’s so important for me to bring this to you.

Part of being in marketing and welcome to the world of marketing, because you are marketers now as entrepreneurs, you’re a marketer and it is your job to be that representative, that spokesperson for your traffic, your customer, your people, the butts in the seats, in your business.

This means that sometimes as that person, who’s building all the content, you need to put on your unbiased glasses, put on the glasses of the customer, and look at it through their eyes; see what they see.

Take a step back from what it is you’ve been building and put on your ‘Andrea hat’. 

This means looking at the page. 

On your page, how many things are you asking your customer?

You should never ask your customer to do more than one action at any set time. 

This adds to distrust.

When your customer doesn’t trust you, they bounce; they’re gone. 

You’ll lose that lead. 

We want to leverage all leads. 

So, how many things are you asking your customer to do at any given time? 

Ask yourself that next thing you’re asking them in copywriting words on the page.

What are you asking them to do? 

Are you asking them in a clear, concise manner, exactly what they need to have done?

It’s very important. 

The next thing, the eyes and your first impression is the most important.

The first thing, the customer, the traffic, the people see sets the tone for the entire journey we go on together: What colors are you using? 

How many colors are you using? 

Any more than three colors is too many colors. 

That adds doubt, that takes away your professionalism.

What type of pictures, photography, lifestyle, or video options are you using? 

Is this clearly translating a message that reads how you want it to read?

Remember this isn’t about how well you designed it. 

I’m sure you’re a genius designer. 

I’m sure you’re really good at what you made, but if the message does not translate to the customer, then all of that work is null and void.

So what your mission is, what your takeaway is: you are the active representative. 

You need to put on that hat to help your customers translate and see what it is you’re doing.

What problem are you solving? 

Are you effectively translating that? 

If you need help doing this, use your audience. 

If you’re having a hard time stepping away from the project, if you have a hard time putting on that customer glasses in the beginning, because you can, we’re also close to what we do, it’s all personal, that’s okay. 

Use your audience, your partner, your spouse, teenage children, aunts, uncles, whoever it is, that isn’t important.

Ask someone that isn’t afraid to be honest with you. 

Let them see, have them go on the journey as a customer themselves. 

Tell them, ‘you will not hurt my feelings’.

‘Be honest with me, tell me what you think’. 

As you get started in marketing, as you get started doing these things, as you’re honing your skills, building up your marketing muscles, because it is a learned skill, let them help you.

Take that with you and think about it for the day. Reflect on this pieces – Am I acting as a representative for my customer, is my message being translated?’.

That’s everything I have for this episode of The Money Wheel.