The Landing Page

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Welcome to this episode of The Money Wheel. 

My name is Kris Hutchinson. 

So last week, the last time I joined you, we were talking about lead magnets.

And I want to see how you’re coming along with that. Were you able to shoot a video and get that running?

Or did you decide to do a document, some kind of a free book? 

Are you writing that yourself or did you decide to hire somebody to write that for you?

So while we’re going over that I just wanted to remind you that if you guys have any problems at all, any kind of questions that come up, please reach out to me at or reach out to don at

So today I want to go over the next step that you’re going to need to build, which is going to be your landing page.

So this is the page that they’re going to go to after they click the ad and they see the order form and the submit button so that they can give you their email address in order to gain access to whatever your lead magnet is going to be.

So a couple of key things that we need here are the very first thing is you’re going to need an eye catching headline.

Now this headline is going to be the first thing that catches their attention and they need to read it and they need to understand exactly what it is you’re offering.

Now, I like to pair the headline with a sub headline, a little bit smaller text underneath there, that further explains exactly what they’re going to get.

Then the next thing is we generally do some kind of a mock-up of whatever the download is going to be.

So that way it looks like a book and they understand that it’s a book and something that they’re going to read.

It’s a video, then we put a video player in there so they understand that they’re going to be watching a video.

Then we need to give them a place to enter their email address and a submit button.

And those are the big things that every landing page is going to need. 

Now some other things that you can add are going to be bullet points to kind of really drive home exactly the information that they’re going to receive and how it’s going to help them to solve their problem, because let’s face it, the reason that they’re going to download this is because it’s going to solve a problem for them and that needs to be apparently clear inside the headline.

Your headline should read something like: “Solve this problem quickly and easily without having to do something unpleasant,” and that basic format is going to work almost every time.

You just need to fill in the blanks so that it reads specifically for your customer.

 So now once you kind of have the headline figured out the sub-headline and maybe some bullet points ready to go.

Some other things that you’re going to need to think about are the call to action. 

Instead of just “click here” can we make it more of an action step?

It could be “get free access now” or “download immediately”…. Something like that. 

Then the other thing that we need to look at is after they click submit, what is going to happen?

What are they going to see on the next page? 

So we typically call this a thank you page because that’s where they go.

And it says, “Hey, thank you for submitting your email address. You should receive your email with access to your free download” or whatever the gift is that you’re giving them.

And we’ll talk a little bit more about thank you pages and the different things that we can do with them and the different strategies that involve them.

But for right now, we need to make sure that we have the text ready for these two pages, and we know what they’re going to look like.

That’s everything I have for this episode of The Money Wheel.