Don’t Try to Sip from a Fire Hose

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Welcome to this episode of The Money Wheel. 

My name is Don Shade. 

Now I know in the last quite a few episodes, I’ve covered all kinds of information and I’ve probably given you all kinds of good ideas as far as stuff you thought of on your own, just because I’ve said one thing or another it’s made you think, oh, I should do this, or I should do that.

And it’s almost like drinking from a fire hose. 

Well, that’s the reason that I have you write everything down in your accountability journal, because what I want to happen is I want you to be able to step back and kind of take a breath and collect your thoughts and decide, okay, Don’s brought up some very interesting points on how do I want to handle this? 

Once we start looking at how I want to handle this, then what you’ll see happen is I’ll have Kris come in and for a couple episodes in a row, and he’ll cover the technical end of it of this is how you do this and how you do that. 

When it comes to actually sitting in front of your computer and doing all that stuff, to make your business work.

What I do is give you the dream and give you the reason why, Kris covers more of this is how we do it.

And this is the work that takes to actually make you a keyboard wizard, so to speak. 

So as we keep moving forward here, building your million dollar roadmap, you’re going to start to see the difference and the coaching between Kris and I always talked to you about taking the next step, looking at your next stream of income.

Are you handling things the way you want them to be handled? How can we change that? 

You will hear Kris covering how you set up a domain name, how you build a website or a funnel, or this is what you’re saying, emails, stuff like that.

And as you’re going through and you start to realize, okay, when I hear this, it motivates me to take the next step in this direction.

You’re going to start learning that this is what it takes to excite me because I tell you what happens. You’ll get to the point where you hear all this information.

It’s just super great. 

The problem is, I don’t know where to start. I don’t know what to do next. I’m overwhelmed.

And that’s what I want to avoid with you. 

We want to take one step at a time, and that’s why these episodes are five minutes long or last because I cover one point that makes you think.

And then we’re on to the next thing, just for the simple reason that this is designed, just to give you ideas.

Now, if you really need help, you can reach out to or, and we’ll both be glad to jump on a call with you or go through email and find out exactly what your struggles are.

The whole key to you following our podcast and emails is that you’re looking to build your million dollar roadmap not to get you stumped in the beginning.

We want to get you up and running. 

So if there’s something that is stopping you, whatever it may be, reach out to us and let us help you and we’ll get you well on the way to building the business of your dreams and beyond 

That’s everything I have for this episode of The Money Wheel.