Survey says…..

Hello, my friend and future millionaire.

Welcome to this episode of The Money Wheel.

Now in the last couple of episodes we covered how to get your domain name and how to set up your email address.

And then we got into what needed to happen if you were somebody that felt you could use a business card and what that business card needed to look like and the important things to be on there.

Now let’s say you’re somebody that doesn’t like face-to-face interaction, and you want to run your business behind your computer screen.

How are you going to get information about your customers? 

Well, the way you’re going to do that is this: you’re going to do what’s called a customer survey.

In other words, when you put together a lead magnet and you give something out for free where you get their email address, you have them fill out a small survey and they get another bonus gift for filling that survey out.

Now, the reason I want you to do that is this, as you run your online business, I want you to be thinking always where’s my next stream of income going to come from.

And what I mean by that is this: Okay; You have your customer fill out a customer survey. 

  • You want to know where are they from?
  • Are they male or female? 
  • Are they married or single? 
  • Do they have kids? 

And the reason you want to know that kind of stuff is this.

Let’s say you do affiliate marketing and a hot product comes out a woman’s handbag or something along those lines. 

Or let’s say a survival flashlight comes out that you can sell and make good money on.

With the survival flashlight, you’re going to go through your email list and you’re going to send that to all the males on your list, unless it’s a holiday or something like that and you’re moving towards a Christmas gift. 

But if it’s a woman’s handbag, you’re going to send that to all the females on your list.

And it’s going to be another stream of income for you that you didn’t think of back when you were setting up your business, but it’s just a door that opened.

And it’s why filling out a customer survey is worth it for you to do, because you never know when you’re able to open up another door and set up another stream of income.

The difference between somebody who is scraping by with an online business and somebody who’s very successful, they’re always one step ahead.

What’s going to happen to set up the next stream of income. 

And that’s how I’m going to teach you to think as we build the million dollar roadmap for you and your business

That’s everything I have on this episode of The Money Wheel.