Segmenting your audience

Hello, friends, and future millionaires.

Welcome to this episode of The Money Wheel.

My name is Kris Hutchinson. 

So yesterday Don said about creating a customer survey to get more information about your customers and the people that are on your list and I wanted to follow up with that. 

What you want to do is start tracking their behavior as well. 

  • Did they sign up for your lead magnet when they did?
  • Where did they go after that? 
  • Did they purchase your products or did they not?
  • Which products of yours have they purchased and which ones have they not purchased yet?

Because what you want to do is then start to segment your audience into different categories.

With your different segments of your audience you might have 10,000 people on your email list, but of these 5,000 are married and 5,000 are single. 

So what you’ll do then is maybe you’ll write a different email to the single people versus the married people, because they’re going to have very different needs, very different challenges and the problems that they have are not going to be the same.

And you can change your language in that, to have an email that speaks directly to those people. 

Because I tell you what, if I receive an email all about how dating is difficult I don’t care because I’m married and I don’t date anymore. 

So that email is not even gonna speak to me at all and that person just wasted sending it to me because it does absolutely nothing for me as their customer. 

So that’s why segmenting your audience is going to be very important for you.

You can segment them by people who have opened emails and clicked on things. 

You could send them the exact same email over again if they didn’t open the first one. 

And there’s all kinds of different automations that you can use inside of your autoresponder, or whatever email platform that you’re using, that can track all this stuff.

So that’s just something I wanted to keep in mind as you’re moving forward and as you’re building your business. 

Which ways can you segment your audience?

How much information can you get on them? 

So that way you can have very specific marketing designed, especially for them.

That’s everything I’ve got for today. 

We’ll see you next time on The Money Wheel podcast.