Split Testing

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Welcome to this episode of The Money Wheel. 

My name is Kris Hutchinson.

Yesterday we talked all about tracking, and today I want to take that a step further and tell you about a technique that we use, that you need to be using in your business too.

It’s called split testing. 

With split testing, we create two versions of either your ad or your page, your order form, anything in your funnel that we’re sending traffic to, and we split it 50/50; with your traffic going to one version or to another version. 

We then see which version performs better.

If we have two different ads, we send a hundred people to this ad, and a hundred people to that ad. 

Whoever clicks the ad more, that’s the ad that we’re going to declare the winner.

That’s the one that we’re going to use. 

Now what’s important with split testing is: you don’t want to make huge changes.

You only want to change one thing at a time. 

If it’s your landing page, maybe you just change the headline that you use and see which is going to be the better headline. 

Or maybe it’s a few different color choice changes, just to see which color gets better results.

Now what’s important to realize is: when you’re first creating your page, you just want to split test the big things.

What are the other words that you’re using? 

Maybe the layout, by the time you’re getting into colors and things like that, your page should already be pretty well optimized.

And we’re only talking about a few percentage points. 

The headline can make the difference between a 20% open rate and a 50% opt in rate.

So those are the big ones that you want to focus on first. 

Why do we do split testing?: The reason is, because your audience is going to tell you what works.

I’ve built a lot of web pages in my business and the ones that I think look the best, the ones that I think are going to perform the best, rarely ever do.

I’ll go ahead and put a headline on there and use the colors that I like, and then I split test it with another version of it.

Nine times out of 10, the split test works a lot better. 

So, it’s important that you are not married to any one concept, try everything.

If you have a headline that you love, change a few words in it and try a different way and see which one is the better headline, because you really will be surprised at which one the audience prefers more.

So split testing is something that you need to do right away with your advertising and with your funnel.

I suggest you start it right away. 

That’s everything I’ve got for this episode of The Money Wheel.