Small Victories

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Welcome to this episode of The Money Wheel. 

My name is Don Shade. 

You know, something I wanted to cover with you in this episode, as we start putting together your million dollar roadmap, and we’re in the second phase of things.

In other words, if you missed a lot of the first episode, you didn’t go back and review for probably the first hundred episodes.

I covered stuff that all had to do with you and your mindset, and maybe your relationship on money. 

What your dream life looks like and that sort of thing.

And then as we got into phase two, we started getting into actually building your business and what it’s going to take for you to be moving forward and to get your lifestyle where you want it to be.

Here’s the issue with all that stuff. So far, we haven’t really looked at what it is that you’re looking to accomplish?

What is the first thing that you want to change in your life? 

What I want you to do is create a list of the different things that you want to change in the order that you’d like to change them.

Now, the easiest way to do that is this. 

Obviously you’re not going to go out and buy a new house.

First, what we want to look at is what kind of small change would make a big difference to you? 

Meaning if you were able to pay the balance down on a credit card or pay off a few small bills, you know, one of the things we went over in an earlier episode was how much of your money is going out for maybe web based subscriptions, that sort of thing.

And we talked about what’s your relationship with money and how you spend it. Don’t get me wrong. We’re not here to tell you how to spend your money.

One of the things that we’re doing is to let you focus on where your money is gone. Are you satisfied with the purchase?

You know what happens over time? 

People will spend money on credit cards and they do it almost without feeling, they just pull their card out, pay for it.

And next thing you know, they got a couple thousand dollars worth of credit card debt, and they don’t even remember what they purchased.

Remember back in an earlier episode, when I talked about, I want you to know what victory feels like. We want to set the first couple of goals here, that we’re going to knock out of the park, right out of the gates.

In other words, once your business makes one or two sales, this is what you’re going to do with the money.

And it may have nothing to do with paying off bills or anything like that. 

What I like to tell people is when you make the first sale, you and your family go out to dinner and enjoy the victory that you just had.

There’ll be plenty of time for you to straighten out your finances as we move forward. 

If you’re selling digital products and you just started your business and you’ve made the first sale, what that equals to is this, you’ve created that money out of thin air because your digital product is one, either an affiliate product, or it’s something that you’ve created off of knowledge that you know, and somebody paid you money for it.

Therefore you worked one time and you’ll get paid over and over. If you can sell them wine, you can sell a thousand.

Well, this is just stuff for you to think about as we start moving forward. 

I don’t want this episode to get long and drawn out.

So that’s everything I have for this episode of The Money Wheel.

We’ll see you next time.