Opportunities = Leads = Cash

Hello, my friend and future millionaire.                                

Welcome to this episode of The Money Wheel. 

My name is Kris Hutchinson and today we’ve got another treat for you!

Andrea is back with us as she’s sharing some very special advice that she’s come up with herself. 

Andrea wanted a concept that I’ve been developing for years, and it was because there was a problem.

Every great solution comes from a problem and it all comes from the word we all need. No matter what business we’re in and that’s traffic without traffic, there, there, there is no sales without traffic.

There are no leads. There are no likes. There are no followers. We all need traffic. And we’re always looking for traffic.

We need butts in the seats and how do we get butts in the seats? People for years and years, since the beginning of time have been paying for traffic commercials, advertisements, mailers, emails, leads, launches any campaign, whether it is brick and mortar mail online, Facebook, Google, Instagram, all of these opportunities for lead generation they’re expensive, right?

And there is no such thing as a sure thing. When it comes to lead generation, you need to understand your audience, the delivery, the retention, all of these rates.

And this is all for developing leads. How much is a lead? How much is too much for a lead person to spend and invest so much money in their leads.

And I’m here to tell you that there is such a thing as cash flow, positive lead generation. 

What does that mean?

Let me break it down. 

What does that mean in plain English? 

Your traffic, your customers, should be paying you to be on your list versus you paying, paying them to join.

You know what the traffic pays you because the cost of leads lets you understand by letting them join your list.

This will tell you so much more. 

And what does this mean? 

Okay. Launching campaigns for the simple essence of getting a lead to center, the potential to the product, to the share to the webinar versus using entry level price point e-commerce as cash flow positive lead generation, you’re launching a course.

You’re launching a meeting, you’re launching a product, a high dollar product where the price point is two, three, a thousand dollars to get a lead for this is going to be expensive versus launching an entry-level price point.

E-commerce using your e-commerce marketing as a cash flow positive lead generation. Somebody that comes to buy the pencil that is related to your niche because of the subject matter.

This is now a lead because they liked, they shared, they purchased this product. This is now a cash flow positive lead generation because they paid to get the product.

They put dollars in your pocket and now you know exactly what it is they’re interested in now because of the subject matter of said product, you can deliver them a high dollar product opportunity course and so on and so forth because they’ve already paid for them because they’re interested in an entry level product.

Therefore now you know how to cater the content to the customer because they already paid to be on your list.

They will tell you the Nisha’s the audiences that you should be paying attention to because they were interested in a simple entry-level product.

There’s 5, 10, 20, $40 entry level price points e-commerce will allow you to identify the people. You should be paying attention to them because they already opted in for the product.

Now you know how to deliver them a high price point, the actual goal versus going straight to the high dollar, straight to the big, the big money products start slow and let the traffic pay you this week.

You’re already ahead in the game and you’ve been able to do in depth customer research all while developing, gaining revenue to keep putting back into the business versus putting all this money into other lead generation.

Not saying don’t do that, but I’m saying why not try another way, try another way to get those leads. Think outside the box, because everybody’s already operating in this system, go outside the system, use the tools that already exist.

And this goes for every matter of your business, what are people using? 

And how can you just step right outside that comfort zone to leverage tools that exist in a new unique way?

What are you leaving on the table? 

People join your list. 

People are in your email, your marketing, you’ve got their emails, you’ve got their phone numbers.

What information have they delivered that you can now use to understand your audience and your future audiences?

Absolutely and that’s something that we’ve actually done on our end with info products. 

You know, you can develop a smaller course, maybe an hour long, sell that for a smaller price point $10, $20, $30, get them in the door.

And in that course, it’s just the introduction and then you move them into a higher sales point. 

And always remember every person at the opportunity for a lead. 

It’s never a single old transaction. It’s a relationship. 

It’s a journey for them and that’s what you need to be able to cater to them is take them, walk them through every step of the journey.