Repurposing Your Content

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Welcome to this episode of The Money Wheel. 

My name is Don Shade. 

In the last episode, we talked about putting your course outline together and also turning that into the table of contents in your book or your video series, whatever the situation may be.

I want you to ask yourself these things:

‘is my course going to be an ebook, a paperback book, or a hardback book?’.

‘Do I have that much information?’ 

‘Is my course going to be audio?’ 

‘Is my course going to turn into blog posts and an email series?’

The answer to all of those questions is ‘yes’, because what’s going to happen is: we’re going to start out one step at a time and we’re going to create a digital product first.

And then we’re going to get into creating videos to go with your coaching, if that matches your product. 

Depending what your business is, let’s say, just for an example, you’re selling cookbooks. 

You don’t necessarily need a video series unless you’re actually cooking the meals.

But if you’re selling some kind of training, teaching people how to do something, you’re going to want to have a video series showing how to do that or at least talking them through it.

As you put together your outline, what I want you to keep in mind is: ‘what are going to be the key points?’.

How many key points are you going to have?

Honestly, odd numbers seem to get people’s attention more than anything.

Once you figure that out, then ask yourself, ‘What information am I going to cover?’.

‘Is everything going to need its own training video?’ 

As you create the videos for your course, I want you to keep in mind that you want to go no longer than 18 to 20 minutes on any given topic.

And the reason is: I’ve opened up training sessions that had videos that were maybe 30 minutes long or an hour long or even longer, depending on what they were teaching me.

The problem is, when I looked at the time on that training video, I thought, ‘boy, I don’t have that kind of time right now’.

Or, ‘I’m going to be bored with that’. 

‘I’m kind of tired, I don’t want to do that tonight’. 

What you want is somebody that looks at that video and says, ‘oh wow, this video is seven minutes long, I can get through this tonight before I go to bed, and then I’m one step further in the training’. 

Also, what I want you to look at is: ‘are you going to have action steps?’. 

As you’re putting together this outline we want to create space in that as we build your material.

One of the things I want to point out here is: as we put this outline together and create the major points, I don’t want you to become overwhelmed.

Instead, I want you to focus back on what we did in the beginning, where you did a brain dump on your computer and you wrote down everything that was tied to your course; everything that you knew well. 

As we put together your outline, we’re doing the same thing.

We’re covering everything that you know, and we’re putting it in the order that it should go. 

I’m going to take you on a couple of different paths in the next few episodes and help decide what you want your course to look like.

If somebody is teaching people how to do something in the financial space, like Kris and I are, we’re teaching people how to build businesses and how to create wealth.

The two things go hand in hand. 

That is important in the way that we present things. 

For example, if you’re doing a weekend hobby, we don’t have to focus as hard on the order and the way we present it as we do, if it’s something that changes someone’s life.

This is something I want you to think about moving forward, because if you are actually coaching where you’re going to teach somebody how to learn a skill to improve their life and to improve their relationships or health or whatever the situation may be, we really need to pay attention in the order that we present it.

We want to make sure that we start them in the very beginning and I’ll cover more of this in the next episode.

I don’t want to drag this on a whole lot, I just want to be able to make you think today, and tomorrow we’ll jump into what happens with the next step.

That’s everything I have for today. 

We’ll see you next time on The Money Wheel.