Plan B-ackup

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

You know, one of the things I was thinking about earlier today, as you heard from my business partner, Kris, we were in Facebook jail and they stopped all our ads.

I want you to think about what do you do when you run into a challenge with your business?

Maybe you have a brick-and-mortar business and things work a little differently than an on-line store.

Or maybe you have an online business, but all at once something you were used to doing, or something you counted on, just stopped and doesn’t work anymore. 

What’s the next plan of action?

Now, obviously what we’re going to do is move to other traffic platforms, but some of that will have to wait for a later email.

As I’ve said before, what we’re going to do is start having Kris, who is the technical and computer guy, do some of the emails so that as I’m teaching you how to build your wealth and build your lifestyle, he is also teaching you the technical end of how to build  your business. 

But the thing I want you to think about is this:  If tomorrow everything stopped in your business, for whatever reason, what would you do to get it started again? 

How would you get your money wheel to start spinning if your income would stop dead? 

Or, maybe you are forced into change and going in a different direction, what would that direction be? 

As we build your million dollar roadmap, one of the things I always like to coach people on is, whether you have a digital product or e-commerce store, what is your next stream of income? 

No matter what business you’re in, you’re going to run into challenges. 

When those challenges come up, I want you to be able to side-step the challenge and deal with another part of your business that brings in a different stream of income until you can figure out a solution to the original problem you are having.