Pick Your Platform

Hello, my friends and future millionaires.

My name is Kris Hutchinson.

Welcome to The Money Wheel. 

So in the last few episodes, we’ve set up your domain name and your email address.

We’ve also got your social media on track, and now it’s time to choose a platform to make your sales.

Now, you’ve got a couple of different options here, whether it’s hosting a website or having an online store to sell physical products, or maybe you just want a simple funnel for people to go through.

It’s time to make that decision now to see exactly which platform you want to use. 

If you’re going to use a store to sell physical products, you have options like Etsy and Shopify, which are already prebuilt.

All you need to do is basically set up the front page of it and add your items and make sure that your payment processor is set up and ready to go.

And actually some of these platforms already provide a payment processor option but you’ll need to look at how much they cost.

If that’s going to work for you, some of them have very different payment methods and different pricing structures. So those are the things to be aware of.

Now, if you just want to have a simple funnel and you feel like you don’t really need a full website  when you’re just starting out, I wouldn’t suggest going to click funnels. It’s a super easy to use platform. 

It makes designing your funnel very easy to do, and they have plenty of training to kind of explain exactly how every step of the way works.

We’re going to get more into funnels a little bit later on this podcast series, but for right now, we’re going to look at the different platforms.

Now, if you want to go with a hosted website where you actually need a full 5, 6, 7 pages of information, ways to get in contact with you, showing off education about your product, then you need to go out and find website hosting.

And there are a ton of different options available there. 

And you can find a few of them that we’ve used before over at resources.moneywheelpodcast.com and just look under website hosting.

Now you can also find links for Etsy, Shopify, ClickFunnels, and other platforms over on resources.moneywheelpodcast.com, so go over there and check it out.

Look over their pricing structures, to see which one is going to fit your business, and if you need any help or you want to talk about how your business is going to run we can definitely give you suggestions. 

You could reach out to me, Kris, at Kris@moneywheelpodcast.com. 

That’s all I have for today, and we’ll see you next time.