Know Your Audience – Know Your Platform

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Welcome to this episode of The Money Wheel. 

My name is Kris Hutchinson. 

So today what I want to cover with you is making yourself known online.

You’ve got your offer. 

You’re ready to get going. 

Now it’s time to get your face out there and let people know about the awesome product that you have.

So there’s a couple of things that you need to do first before you just start running ads, and we’ve covered a few of these, but I really just want to break it down quickly today.

First thing you want to do is set up your social media, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, I mean all these different social media platforms.

You want to make sure that you have a presence on them. 

If you are a B2B business, meaning you’re doing business with other businesses, then you want to set up a LinkedIn profile and you want to make sure that you are where your customers hang out.

If all of your customers are on Instagram, that’s where you need to be. 

If most of your customers work on Pinterest, then you better be over on Pinterest.

It doesn’t matter what your favorite one is, because if your customers aren’t there, then what does it matter? 

Now, when you’re doing this, you definitely want to set up a business profile and that needs to be separate from your personal profile.

I’m just going to use Facebook as an example: When I look at your business, I don’t want to see pictures of your kids because I don’t care about your private stuff. 

That’s for your family and your friends.

When I’m looking at a business, or if I’m looking to buy a product, I’m not looking to be friends with them.

I want to see what their product is and how it can help me. 

So those are the kinds of things that you need to be posting on your business profile.

Now, some other places you need to be are YouTube if you want to have videos. 

So that’s going to require you to set up a Google account and as you’re moving forward, you know, it’s good to post on these things every day and you can take the same image and post it on Instagram with Twitter, Pinterest, things like that.

So you can repurpose your stuff. 

One of the things that Don and I committed to doing was to post a podcast every day.

But what we can do is we take the audio from the podcast and we record the video, so now we’ve got videos and audio.

We can transcribe that and pull quotes out of it or little snippets of information and use those as our social media posts.

So these are all things that we’re doing right now, and you can do them too; repurpose your content over again and make sure that you’ve set up a system where you can post consistently.

It doesn’t need to be three or four times a day, as long as you’re consistent with doing it. 

That’s the most important thing starting out.

So that’s everything I’ve got for today and we’ll see you next time on The Money Wheel.