Idea To Income #15

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Welcome to this episode of The Money Wheel. 

My name is Don Shade. 

I’m going to take a minute in this episode and just cover something with you that’s kind of off the path, so to speak, but it’s something I want you to think about. 

What happens if someone is coaching you and helping you put your course together and they do something that you don’t particularly like, something you don’t agree with? 

Now, we’re not talking about anything major. 

But the point I want to make is this: I don’t care who’s coaching you or who’s helping you, you’re not going to agree with everything they do a hundred percent.

Keep in mind, they’re coaches, they’re not perfect. 

They’re good at the skills they’re teaching you, and sometimes people make mistakes.

A lot of times when you’re in the position of coaching people, when you’re helping them to move forward and build wealth, people expect so much out of a coach, even outside of the realm that they’re coaching in.

In other words, they expect that because you wear that coach title, you’re going to be perfect in all areas of your life. 

But what you’re going to find out as you coach and you deal with customers and students and different people moving forward, not everybody thinks like you.

Sometimes when you put your message out there and you put your spin on it, people get upset by that.

They don’t like the things that you say or the way you say it. 

The reason I bring all that up is to prove this point: There are going to be some people along the way that you’re going to lose, because they don’t like your message.

Here’s how I want you to look at that as that starts to happen: 

Number one, step back and take a look.

‘Did I really do something that was offensive to people?’ 

‘Did I say something to gain their attention that basically upset them?’ 

Maybe that’s the case. 

Maybe it’s something you do need to improve on, but it may be something that you feel comfortable with and it’s the way you coach. 

If it’s the way you coach, and it’s not an offensive thing, you need to be okay with the fact that they got upset and they walked away.

‘I lost a viewer or I lost a customer’, whatever it is. 

But here’s what it comes down to: If they’re willing to walk away from something that’s small, because you said something that so-called offended them, you didn’t really want to work with them anyway. 

Because when times got tough and it came down to it, where you’re getting your hands dirty and you got your work boots on, it seems like you’re really fighting to get this thing to come together for you, they’re going to walk away. 

They’re not going to stand and fight shoulder to shoulder with you, because they’re going to find some excuse.

Now, the reason I bring that up is: in a couple of my episodes, you’ve heard me say it before: ‘if you want nice, go to church’. 

‘If you want a friend, buy a dog’. 

I’m neither one.

I’m here to show you how to make money. 

I’ve had somebody come to me and say, ‘I really liked your podcast up until I heard that’.

‘That seems offensive to me’. 

Are you willing to let my one offensive quote stop you from getting your dream?

I apologized to the person at the time, but I stepped back: Is it really that big a deal?

Make sure as people give you feedback, and some of it may be criticism, they don’t like this, or they don’t like that, be okay with that, take it for what it is. 

You have to realize they didn’t have the backbone to step up to be where you are.

The person that told me that hasn’t done a podcast every day. 

They’ve always talked about doing a big business, but they’ve never quite stepped out to do it.

So before you let somebody criticize you and kind of step on your ego and step on your dream, make sure that it’s somebody whose advice is worth following and don’t let it upset you.

That’s everything I have for this episode of The Money Wheel.