Growth Mindset – Listening

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Since the beginning of this series I’ve been walking you through how to build your million dollar a year roadmap. 

Did you notice how most of the changes started with you? 

We started out looking at what your dream lifestyle and your dream business is going to look like and then we put together a dream board to capture that vision.

The reason we did that exercise is because it reminds us of the end destination; of where you want to be.  

All the goals that you have, and the dreams that you & your family want, are on that dream board because I needed you to see the prize before we started putting the work in to achieve the prize.

The next thing we looked at was mindset; identifying your #1 excuse and the thoughts that stop you from moving forward toward that prize.

As we build your million dollar roadmap, you’ll notice that the information you see from me is a “quick hit and get out” method.

I prove a fast point… Something to make you think, and then we move forward. 

And that’s what we’re going to continue to do throughout the series. 

Our focus today is getting you to be somebody who talks to everybody, not somebody that’s annoying, but someone who is available and open for connection.

Most everybody has a routine in the morning, you have somewhere that you stop regularly for gas, coffee, etc, and you mostly deal with the same people over and over but have you learned to communicate and connect with those people?

It doesn’t have to be any big conversation, but get to the point that you’re talking to people every day with a simple “Hey, how are you doing?” 

Some of them are going to answer you, and some of them won’t. 

After practicing this over the last several years I’ve learned that people that you initiate talking to on a regular basis become glad to see you and, over time, will begin to initiate the conversation with you. 

And what that boils down to is you never know when that connection is going to turn into a relationship that ends up being a win/win benefit for both of you, whether it has anything to do with business or not.

Every morning at the place where I go for coffee, I saw the same gentleman working and I made sure to strike up conversation with him so now, when I see him, he initiates talk with me and gives me free coffee, just cause we’re friends. 

Now, I want you to think about that. 

And I want you to start making the doors of opportunity open for you when it comes to communicating with people. 

Now, I will tell you this, it takes a conscious effort to do this but after a few months of practice it will become a habit you don’t even have to think about. 

But to be honest with you, the first couple of days are kind of tough as you push outside of your comfort zone.

I was somebody who rarely looked people in the eye and didn’t look up whenever I walked in somewhere, but I had to make a conscious effort to change that so all of my goals could be achieved.

The reason I bring this up to you is because when you’re making a million dollars a year, you can look anybody in the eye, so this will help prepare you with that confidence.

When I was going through the training and taking classes to build my business I didn’t really do that so don’t make the same mistake.

But I will tell you this: the day I walked out of my job for the last time it changed my whole attitude because I knew then I could look anybody in the eye and I could talk to anybody about anything because I’d done something that most people only dream of.

Through all these little short messages that we’re putting together this year, we’re going to teach you how to do the same thing. 

Success begins with your mindset.