Getting to the Point

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Welcome to this episode of The Money Wheel. 

My name is Andrea Koput. 

I am going to get to the point really, really quickly, because that’s what we’re talking about.

What is the point of your page, your offer, your book, your consulting, your coaching? 

What is the point of your page?

If you cannot answer that by viewing what you’ve built in five seconds, you’re probably not making money. 

Sorry to be so blunt today, but sometimes that’s exactly what is needed.

If you can’t answer, ‘what’s the point?’ in five seconds, you’re probably not converting the way you’d like to. 

What I’m asking you to do is: step back from what you’ve built. 

Take off the blinders, because we all love our projects. 

We all have put a lot of work into them and we all have blinders onto what we’ve built.

Because we are so close to the situation, we cannot see those little things, right? 

Because we know what we’ve built, we understand it to a T, because it came from here. 

But that doesn’t mean it translates well to other people.

So step back, take off the blinders. 

Look at your project as an unbiased observer; be brutally honest with yourself. 

What is your experience?

Look at it through someone else’s eyes. 

If you’re able to do that, ‘what is the point?’. 

‘What are you trying to convey?’

‘What message are you delivering?’ 

If you can’t answer that yourself; if it’s too difficult, well, I’m sure you know someone else you trust and that will be honest with you.

Ask them to look at your project, and in 5 seconds, 10 at the most, can they answer that question: What’s the point?; What’s the feeling?; What’s the problem?

If they can’t answer that, you’re probably not making money. 

What that also tells you is: you are not displaying and delivering your message fast enough.

We have about [this much] attention span in this day and age, because everything comes so fast. 

We have [this much] time to get to them, connect with them and convert with them: convert, converse, and connect.

So keep it simple.

I think of my dad, I grew up with this: Keep it simple, keep it direct.

And how do you do that?: In three steps. 

I’ve got three steps for you today. 

We’re going to keep it simple and to the point, as with the message.

How do you do it? 

You one, identify the problem. 

Every single thing we create solves a problem. 

Identify the problem, and then connect with the customer, the person, the customer as a person.

So whether they feel the conversation, they feel the connection. 

It’s not just a screen to screen interaction. 

I’m talking to you right here.

Lastly, solve the problem.

That’s as simple as every page, article, or ad should follow: identify, connect and solve. 

Those three hits are going to be the solution to making you money to ‘what’s the point in your page?’.

And when you go there, your mission is to get to the point in as few steps as possible. 

This isn’t old fashioned, courting your lady with a glass of apple cider on the porch, where you can take your time.

That doesn’t work anymore. 

We need to work with our customers, work with our people, as fast as possible. 

So, identify, connect, and solve. 

Use those simple steps and you will be converting in your copy.

That is copywriting for you, that is your marketing, and this has been your episode of The Money Wheel