Facebook Challenges

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Welcome to this episode of The Money Wheel. 

My name is Kris Hutchinson.

A few days back, I told you about how our Facebook ads got shut down.

I just wanted to give you a quick update on what happened. 

We went through the next day and created individual ads for each of our headlines descriptions and post texts.

When we did that, for some reason, they all passed, which seemed kind of odd to me that we didn’t flag anything there.

I only used one image, and used the same image for each one. 

I haven’t really tested different images yet.

At this point, I then went ahead and created a new Dynamic ad. 

But this time we only put in two of the headlines, post text, and description. 

Within an hour, that ad was approved.

So I went back in and added headline three, the third copy of all of our texts. 

That was approved again, until we got to the fifth one. 

I put in the fifth one the following morning, and within an hour it was rejected.

So that seemed to be the culprit. 

I went ahead and removed the text and submitted it again, and it was approved.

So that tells me that there’s an issue with our fifth version of the copy that we used. 

I’m not sure whether it was the headline or the post text or whatever, but I’m not too concerned about that.

We have some other texts that we can test. 

So right now I have a Dynamic ad that’s running; it’s only running for the five versions of the copy that we had.

The next thing we’re going to do is start testing images to see if any of our videos we’re kicking it out.

I’m not sure why it would, but it’s something that we want to test, to make sure that we know exactly what the problem is.

When you’re troubleshooting things like this, it’s important to do it step-by-step, and one at a time. 

I could have made two or three changes to this last set when copy number five was rejected, I could have added a sixth version in there, but you don’t want to do that right away because you don’t know if it has been rejected for another reason.

So if you’re troubleshooting your ads like this, just take it step-by-step, one at a time; do a change and see if it gets approved or if it gets rejected.

If it does get rejected, remove the change and go back to the old version and see if that still passes.

One of the other things that I’m excited about is: I scheduled a call with one of Facebook’s marketing experts, so it’s going to be interesting to see what they can tell me specifically about my ads, to see if we can figure out specifically why we are being rejected.

So after that conversation, I’m going to let you know exactly what happened, so you know what to expect if you ever get a chance to talk to people directly from Facebook. 

That’s everything I have for The Money Wheel today.