Dream Board

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Previously we covered what you want your dream lifestyle to look like and the kind of income you want to make in your business. 

I know everybody wants to become a millionaire, or perhaps you’d like a million dollars a year income, and those are all very achievable goals. 

The reason I brought that up is to say this: The next exercise that I want you to do will have you acting like a little kid at Christmas time. 

I want you to buy a piece of poster board.(or use a large piece of cardboard) and with that poster board you’re going to create a dream board for you, or for you and your family. 

It’s up to you…  you may want to do one for you & your spouse or you may want to do separate ones. 

Maybe your kids will want to do one for themselves as well or you can do one family dream board that involves everybody and everyone will have something on it. 

But the way this dream board works is this: After you have the poster board, go through magazines or maybe look online for different pictures of stuff that you want in your life. 

What kind of house do you want to live in? What car do you want to drive?

Your dream board is going to be a combination of big dreams, as well as little dreams. 

We know the goal of diamond earrings or a dress won’t take as long to accomplish compared to the goal of a house or a car. 

Next, use masking tape to put these pictures onto your dream board so these goals are something you can look at every day. 

The reason we’re going to use masking tape is once you accomplish the dream, I want you to be able to remove it from your dream board. 

Or, a lot of times what happens to me is, I’ll put a picture of one thing on my dream board but then I’ll see something else that I like better, maybe a different car or a different vehicle, that I decide I want more than the original item.

This way you can easily remove it and put the new item on your dream board.

As you move forward on your dream board, your dream is always going to change for various reasons, like things happening in the world or new stuff coming out that you desire. 

So don’t be upset if you’re taking a lot of stuff off because that means you’re fine tuning in on what you want your dreams to look like. 

If you’re somebody that comes home and sits in front of your TV every night, I challenge you to put your dream board in front of your TV, that way if you want to waste an evening watching TV, you gotta move your dream to do it. 

You can then decide if it’s worth it.