Business VS Personal – Social Media

Hello, my friends and future millionaires.

My name is Kris Hutchinson.

Welcome to The Money Wheel. 

Last week, we talked about setting up your domain name and your email address for your business.

Today we want to look at social media and we’re going to specifically focus on Facebook. 

Now I know what you’re thinking… You’ve already got a Facebook profile so why can’t you just use that to run your business?

Well, there’s a couple of valid reasons why I don’t.

I am on Facebook with my personal account to share pictures of my kids, keep in touch with my parents and with friends from high school, you know, the stuff that normal people do with social media.

But you don’t want to have business-related posts mixed in and intermingled with all of that personal activity because if someone looks up your business, they don’t want to see pictures of your kids nor do they need to see pictures of your dog or things like that. 

The random thoughts that you have throughout the day and decide to share with everybody on Facebook is valid stuff for your friends & family so that’s fine, but you want to keep your business related work separate.

So you need to have a specific page set up just for your business, where that way, anything that you have to say about your business or to your customers can be put there.

When you set up your business page it’s easy to do that under your personal profile, however I want you to actually set up a separate business Facebook account, and you can start there by going to and logging in that way.

Now with a Facebook business account, what you can do is manage all of your pages for any of your businesses that you have as well as groups and ad accounts.

So this is where you’ll actually be setting up advertisements that run on Facebook. 

The other nice thing about setting up a Facebook business account is that you can also give access to team members.

For example, if you have a business partner that comes onboard, they can have access to all the pages and all the ads.

Or if you hire an ad agency to come in and help you with your Facebook ads, you can give them access to just the specific pages and ad accounts that you want them to work with without them having access to any of your personal information.

This advice is the same for all social media accounts, whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, or any of the other social media platforms, you want to create a separate one specifically for your business so fans of your business and your customers can find you that way. 

Well that’s all we’ve got for this episode of The Money Wheel and we’ll see you guys next time.