Customer Expectations

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Welcome to this episode of The Money Wheel. 

My name is Don Shade. 

There’s something I want you to think about as we’re walking down this path. 

We talked about turning your idea into income and how to create your course overnight and get things moving like that.

Now, what I want you to stop and think about at this point is: ‘what is it that my customer can expect out of me?’.

In other words, ‘when they buy my product, what is it exactly that they’re going to get?’. 

What’s going to happen as they go through the first step of your training? 

Write a list of everything that you cover in that training at the end of module one. 

Ask yourself: ‘What should they have learned?’. 

Do the same thing for every module that you have. 

What that does is breaks down your course, and it allows you to write a sales copy that tells your customer exactly what they’re going to be learning from your course.

What happens is: when they read over all the stuff that you’re going to be teaching them, they think to themselves, ‘is this the course I’m looking for?’.

Most of the time when people buy a course or a training from you or anybody else, they’re not looking for the whole thing, they already have an idea of what they’re going to do.

Very rarely are they totally brand new and you’re the first person that they stumbled across. 

It usually doesn’t happen that way.

What does happen is: they’ve taken somebody else’s training and they have an idea of what direction they want to go.

And when they read your sales copy, that has all the bullet points in it that you cover, they’re like, ‘oh, I need this’ and ‘I need that’. 

‘That’s what makes this course worth the money to me’. 

And also, as you’re going through your modules, that helps keep you on track.

This way you’re not misleading anybody, as far as exactly what’s in your course when they buy it and they go through the information. 

You’re teaching them exactly what you said you would and maybe along the way you throw in a few bonuses.

I just wanted to be able to cover this.

I didn’t want to just leave you with, ‘okay, this is how you create your course overnight’. 

And you did a brain dump and you have a little bit of stuff and you don’t know how to form it the rest of the way. 

If you start putting together your training and look at just module one, ask yourself: ‘what are the points I’m going to cover in this module?’. 

Make sure it’s somewhere between 5 and 20 minutes long.

Don’t go over 20 minutes on your modules, because you’ll have a hard time holding people’s attention for longer than that.

What happens is this, they’ll look at the videos, and if you have one on there that’s an hour long, they’re going to avoid watching it, because it’s tough for people to come up with an hour of free time.

But if you have shorter modules that are maybe 15 minutes long, they’ll plan that time in their day.

Tell yourself: ‘I can move forward this way’. 

‘Now that I’ve rained down and put everything out to start creating my course, let’s start turning it into my sellable product’.

Now, as we move forward here, you’re going to start to realize that we’re putting your entire course together. 

And we’re getting you to the point where you’re going to be able to sell it.

That’s the whole plan of the Million Dollar Roadmap. 

So now that you’ve written everything out, if you haven’t done it, go back and sit down some evening and just put everything you can think of. 

List all of the things about what you want your course to be or whatever you’re going to teach; whatever sellable product you have. 

Put all that information together, it doesn’t have to be perfect. 

Then as we walked down this path of the Million Dollar Roadmap, we’re going to teach you how to start smoothing it out: how to start getting it into a sellable product, what it’s worth, and what kind of price tag you can put on it.

So that’s another step in building your Million Dollar Roadmap. 

That’s everything I have for this episode of The Money Wheel.