Busy?? Productive!!

Hello, friends and future millionaires.

My name is Kris Hutchinson, and today we’ve got a special treat; Andrea is back with us to share some more awesome knowledge.

Kris: Andrea, how are you?

Andrea: I am doing awesome today. It’s snowing and I’m a happy girl. 

Kris: All right! What do you have to share with us today?

Andrea: Today I have a dirty four-letter word to share with you that I share with my students, my husband and my children.

This is a four letter word that every entrepreneur business owner needs to eliminate today. This word that everybody needs to eliminate is the word busy.

B-U-S-Y. This is the word I cannot stand; it makes my skin crawl. 

When I asked my students or my clients: “How was your week?” “I was busy.”

Well, why is being busy different from being my favorite word…  productive. 

Being busy will gradually kill your business, kill your energy, and kill your productivity because being “busy” is to move your time around, to spend a little bit here a little bit there, just to take up your time.

And when you plan on being busy, YES! you’re going to be active, you’re going to be tired, and you’re going to get things done, but is being busy going to actually deliver the results that you need to deliver on a daily basis?

I always encourage every student & every client that I come across to replace the word busy with the word productive, because to be productive is to intentionally choose to be proactive and plan out your time to achieve a desired result.

Making our moves count, in today’s world, is even more important than it ever has been because we only get so much time. 

So whether you are in your business, with your family or your kids, or when you’re driving down the road, choosing to be productive with that time is the very best way to ensure you get a good sleep at night, because you know that you used every instant of your day in the most efficient way possible.

This doesn’t mean I don’t turn off my brain, sometimes turn on a show or a documentary and give my mind a break.

But when I know I have to put pedal to the metal and get things done for myself, for my family, for my clients, I always choose to be productive and to be proactive, to use my time the best way possible.

So eliminate busy, eliminate it today and replace it with a word that really does serve you and your future productively.

Kris: Well, that’s amazing advice. Thank you so much, Andrea. We really appreciate your time today.