Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Welcome to this episode of The Money Wheel. 

My name is Don Shade

And my name is Kris Hutchinson.

So while Don and I were working together you know, we went through our process, but we noticed that there was something missing from our team.

There was a few skills that Don and I both had, but we weren’t the best at it. 

So what we did was we reached out to our network and we found someone to kind of fill in those gaps with us.

And she’s here today. And this is Andrea. 

Andrea say hi to everybody. Hey, You guys glad to be here. 

Awesome. So give our audience a little taste of what it is that you bring to the team.

Well, you and I, we’ve all known each other for going on a good healthy four ish years. Now, I was just doing the math in my head and you feel old, but it’s a wonderful thing, right?

We’ve been together for all this time. And why was I brought onto the team? 

Why now is the right time to be brought onto the team?

So I figured a little background in my own, in my, in my own studies. And my own knowledge would be helpful as some content for why I’m here


Well, way back a million years ago, I went to school for fine art, which is the fancy stuff and graphic design, which is knowledgeable tactics.

I use those a million years ago for print media design, that’s catalogs, that’s sales, that’s getting things sold passively in people’s hands.

So that’s a very important tactic, but as we know, those skills kind of started to go away. Internet comes in online sales come in e-commerce and marketing trends changed.

Luckily with my tactics, with my knowledge base, I moved with the times to be able to bring things on with copywriting, with e-commerce, with active marketing, to be able to create active experiences for the customer.

That means looking at something from a customer’s eyes and seeing what’s missing and what could be optimized. What does that really mean?

It’s a really big title, but it really does make sense. And it is it’s a customer journey, conversion optimization because every customer traffic, whoever it is, every lead, however you want to call them is going through a journey as they view your email, your website, your funnel, anything you put out print media or online is a journey they’re going through.

And every step along the way is building trust or taking trust away. What I do best is I go in from the customer standpoint and see what pieces could be better, what pieces could be improved and why, and if conversions are or are not happening, because as we all know, people build content and we all build content every day.

Whether, if it’s in our sales or in our day-to-day life, we are all building something to get results. And as people who build things, as we all do, we are so, so close to the project that it’s hard to see the forest through the trees sometime.

So bringing in a person from the outside, looking in is almost always extremely valuable because they can see what it is you meet or may not have seen and may cause those extremely impactful changes that are really, really needed.

What do you guys think about that? 

No, and that’s awesome. And that’s actually the, that is the spot where I think we were struggling the most you know, Don and I were doing our own copywriting.

We did our own web design things like that. And while it was fine and we made a few sales, we still weren’t seeing the awesome results that we were expecting to see.

And that’s really where you know, you joining the team really made that big that big impact for us. Yeah. Yeah.

And it’s been an honor to be brought onto the team. I love to roll my sleeves up and just jump right in.

Whenever I come in to any project, whether it is one of my standalone clients or bringing together this team we have together, which has been so amazing, it’s going in with those fresh eyes.

And sometimes the changes are big. Sometimes the changes are small, but every element of whatever project it is, whether if it’s copywriting color, the visual flow, the paradox of choice, which means how many things are we asking a customer to do is all that balancing skill of trust.

The more trust you build, the higher your conversions, that’s what conversions are. It is a, it is an active test in the trust you’ve built in this customer relationship and the harder you make a customer work, whether if it’s finding a button, reading the copy, adding a photo that doesn’t translate what you still trust a weight.

It’s the, it’s like a three strikes. You’re out principle take away the trust customers. Even if they don’t know it.

This is all subliminal. A lot of the time, how are they feeling about what it is? How is the flow?

And when you build up enough, trust, the conversions naturally happen. It’s being salesy without pushing. We don’t want to ever feel like the used car salesman where it’s push, push, push.

That’s not what we do. We want to offer amazing content, build the relationship, build the trust. And then the conversions naturally follow that’s where I’ve been working on my skills for all these years.

And I love to be brought on for that. 

Well, awesome. So as you guys can tell, Andrew really knows what she’s talking about.

She’s been a great asset for our team and she agreed to do some of these podcasts to bring some of her knowledge to you guys.

So look forward to seeing more of her and other episodes. 

Thank you guys. Happy to be here. 

All right. So that’s everything we have for today on the money wheel.

And we will see you next time.