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Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Welcome to this episode of The Money Wheel. 

My name is Kris Hutchinson 

Andrea is back with us and today she will be sharing information about e-com.

Andrea: I love e-commerce and it’s an absolute honor to share a little bit about a great little subject.

And this is a crash course in what I call easy E-com 101.

People hear this word all the time, it’s thrown around like sprinkles on a cupcake.

People drop it the same way they drop words like entrepreneur or millionaire, but e-commerce is a word that not too many people actually understand what it means.

What is e-commerce in reality, this could be, it seems like a big made up word that could mean nothing more than a status term, thrown around by people to make them feel as if they’re doing something.

You go to a dinner party.

What do you do? 

Well, I’m in e-commerce.

And nobody really knows what it means. 

So let’s debunk it; Let’s break it down to its parts.

E-commerce in essence to many is a label to quantify their time. This is what I do. I’m an e-commerce and this is partially true.

Yes, you’re in e-commerce but still nobody understands what that means in the greater population. 

E-commerce touches the lives of 99.99999, 9% of people in the modern world and being me living in the woods, you would think that this isn’t necessarily true.

How could e-commerce touch the life of the person that has never used a computer, opened an email, or bought anything online?

Well, I’m going to tell you all about that because e-commerce is more than just the big box, the big dogs that have these huge stores that people come to shop, buy their toilet paper, toothpicks and dental floss. 

E-commerce is small businesses because small businesses are the heart and soul of e-commerce. 

All these mom and pop shops are involved in e-commerce.

Whether you are knitting a hat, making a scarf, making yourself some old, some Artes and salts to cook something with guests.

That’s what e-commerce touches your life. 

Unless you are frontier Fred living on 210 acres, and then in Northwest territories and you personally catch, kill and skin, everything from your food to your underpants, you are participating in e-commerce in some way, shape or form, because this is a global market.

No matter what you do, you’re participating in e-commerce, even if you never buy anything online, because someone along the way, someone along the supply chain was online at some point, getting something. 

If they never directly did it themselves, this is the world we’re in. And that’s, that’s the bigger picture.

E-commerce as an entrepreneur is bigger than the single having a store e-commerce is the opportunity to build your brand. 

If you don’t have one to validate your brand, if you have a brand and helps you draw that line in the sand as an influencer, if I make hats and everybody knows, I may have cat for my small hometown and I put up a store so I can deliver this product to the greater world.

I have now differentiated myself from every other Tom, Dick and Harry at the craft shows that are only selling it to each individual person.

You are aligned focus. You have that opportunity for multiple revenue streams, where I could sell it to you. I could sell it to my neighbor and I’m supporting everyone else along the way, because e-commerce is more e-commerce is bigger than a one store in one product.

Open your eyes as a business, as a brand, to the bigger picture of what your business gets to become. 

If you are an author and you’re selling your book on an online platform, just, and you’re selling your book, that’s great; Celebrate. 

You got your brand. You’ve got your business. Now open your eyes. You were more than a one stop shop of a business that does one thing.

You sell a book, what? Then you could sell products related to the book. You could sell merchandise related to your brand quotes, calendars, and jewelry.

Chotchkies all these opportunities that align the focus with what you originally created. You wrote a book, what other stems from that?

Do you get to do that? Then support all these other people along the way. This is what e-commerce does. It connects the world.

It allows you to serve people, your audience, and every other step along the way, there is more involved in this business than one product to one person.

And it’s small businesses that drive the economy. Can you be on a big one? 

Yes, but it’s small businesses. If you’re an existing business with the customer base, the smartest thing you can do, the very smartest thing you can do to leverage your time is to look into potential that e-com will bring you.

So think about it, how many people do you know that are doing one thing so great that their community would be greater served with some diversification and aligned focus in e-commerce That’s right.

And that’s exactly the, one of the fundamental principles that we teach at money wheel. 

That’s exactly what the money wheel is all about is, you know, if you focus on one thing, that’s great, but how can you get other aligned sources, other spokes of income, uh, to help compliment your business.

We’ll see you next time.