Targeting a Budget

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Our last email covered what role you will play in building your business.

Once you’ve decided your role, if applicable, you need to decide the role of your spouse by taking into consideration what skills your spouse enjoys more, or is more trained with, than you.

For example, if your spouse has better computer skills than you or they have an interest in an area you don’t, they may be best suited in that role.

See, that’s the reason Kris and I have such a great business relationship is because he handles all the technical stuff, which honestly, really doesn’t interest me. 

What interests me is the challenge of building the business and getting the paycheck as a reward. 

Let’s take a look at the next step. 

After you decide the role that you want to play, the next step is deciding where you’re going to source the money for what needs to happen next to get this underway.

I want you to consider how you are going to find the resources to put together an online business if you’re somebody who is living check to check.

What are some ways that you could cut corners in your life to save money so you can invest it in yourself to build your business?

Now let’s say you’re somebody that is flat broke, and that’s okay, keep in mind the reason you’re reading this email is because you want change in your life. 

I’m going to show you how to make that change by focusing on setting achievable goals; ones that you can hit. 

You know, one of the things that I wanted to do differently than coaches I’ve dealt with over the years, is to avoid setting big goals that are extra challenging or may take years to hit.

It isn’t that they are/were bad coaches, but if you always feel like you are struggling, it can be defeating compared to the confidence building of achieving success in smaller goals that add up to big results.

I prefer the coaching structure of simplifying the path for you by using smaller goals that you can hit in the beginning, so that way, as you create your million dollar roadmap, you know what victory feels like early on in the plan.

So, the first thing we’re going to do is move the target close so that you know what it feels like to win on a daily basis. 

With all that being said, what I want you to do is decide the first step that you want to take. 

  • Where do you want to get training? 
  • Who is going to show you how to do this? 
  • What kind of business do you want to have? 

Those are all decisions that you can make before you ever put a dime into training or any kind of online business expense.

The main goal with this exercise, as you write in your accountability journal to keep track of what’s happening, is so when you reflect back on these entries you see & feel the changes in where you are now compared to where you started. 

I want there to be a measurable difference in your standing as a result of all the little changes you’ve made along the way by applying one little change here and one little change there. 

Sure, it’s nice to sit here and talk about a million dollar a year income, but nobody starts there. 

The first step in getting this million dollar roadmap to work is giving you the tools YOU need to be able to change YOU, to get you where YOU want to be. 

This is all important for you to think about as we move forward over the next couple of emails.

Next, we start looking at your budget and where you can pull the money from when the time comes to make your dream lifestyle a reality.

I want to make sure that, if you’re looking for success online, that’s what we’re here to show you how to do.