Taking A Sick Day

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Welcome to this episode of The Money Wheel. 

My name is Don Shade. 

For the last several episodes, you got to hear from Andrea.

And the reason was, I was under the weather. 

Now I didn’t have COVID or anything, but I was dealing with a bad cold, and I basically wasn’t fit to do a Podcast. 

With all that being said, let me ask you this: What happens if you lose your ability to perform; do you have a team of people around you that will step up and be able to carry your business and keep your income moving forward? 

Some of you have never been in that position. 

Some of you have only worked at a job for someone else, and if you end up having a cold, you call in sick. 

How many of you have gone to work sick?

Maybe you felt like you were hit by a bus, but you still went to work for the simple reason you didn’t want to lose a day of personal time or vacation time or a day of pay.

We’ve all done it. 

The part I want you to think about is this: When you are building your business, every day that you decide, ‘I’m gonna put my business off until tomorrow’, you’re losing a day of your own personal time at the pay rate that you could be making in your successful business.

You see, the problem with people building an online business, when they procrastinate and put things off until tomorrow, nothing happens. 

You still have to go to work the next day, and you still get a check on Friday.

Your life still moves ahead the way you have planned, but you never stop to think, ‘what is my time worth?’.

‘If I build this business to the level of success that I’m looking for, what if I replace the income from my job and I no longer need a boss?’ 

How would you feel to wake up in the morning and look the boss in the eye, just knowing that you built your business to the success level that you’re looking for?

I had to be honest with you when I was sick and not able to do a podcast, and Andrea stepped up and she ran through a lot of episodes and touched on a lot of good information.

It made me think that if I had to step out of the picture for whatever reason, the business that I built and the team that I surrounded myself with would be able to carry my business for quite a while.

Everything’s fine now and I’m back on track and we’re moving forward as planned. 

But are you in a position in your life that that could happen?

Something I want you to start thinking about today is: how do I get myself in that kind of position? 

‘If something was to happen to me for a week or two weeks, what would happen to my income?’.

‘How could I keep things moving forward, that if I was taken out of the picture for a short time, my team could carry me?’. 

These questions should start to make you think differently about prioritizing your time. 

That’s everything I have for this episode of The Money Wheel.

We’ll see you next time.