Survey Review

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Welcome to this episode of The Money Wheel. 

My name is Kris Hutchinson.

The last couple of days we’ve been talking about surveys and how to get them set up.

The other day we found a decent survey and I kind of wanted to go through it with you just to kind of explain the customer experience that I felt. 

I wanted to also go over these questions and explain a little bit more about the method that they use to come up with these questions.

So the survey that I did was like 20 questions long, which to me is pretty long, but it’s got some really good questions in here.

The first few were just: name, email address, and other contact information stuff. 

Then they asked, ‘where did you hear about us?’. 

They gave a multiple choice, whether it was: Facebook ads or organic or friend referral, things like that.

So for those, you just want to give them some different choices on where they could possibly find you, whether they heard a bit from a podcast or from a blog, things like that.

The next question they asked was, ‘tell me about your business specifically, where you’d like to improve the most and what you need help with’.

This is a chance for you to kind of introduce your business to them and before their call they’re going to read through all this information.

So it’s good to kind of explain exactly what you do, what niche you’re in and the obstacles that you have moving forward.

Now, the survey that we filled out was specifically about podcasts. 

So it asks, ‘do you already have a podcast?’. 

That was an easy yes or no question.

And then they asked you to provide a link to it. 

So that way they can kind of go and look at it a while.

The next question was: place any links to your social media accounts and also enter any relevant links to your website, your funnel, things like that.

They want to see your online presence so they know exactly what they’re working with beforehand, and what price points you are selling your product or service at.

That kind of lets them know what kind of revenue that you’re going to be dealing with moving forward.  

‘Approximately how much revenue have you taken in from this product or service already?’.

Again, they’re trying to get a snapshot of where you’re at right now with your business. 

On the page, they had a 15 minute video kind of explaining what their services were.

So next they made sure to ask, ‘did you watch the entire 15 minute video?: Yes or no’. 

This is good, because it helps them to know if you did all the steps necessary to get to the point where you’re going to make an appointment.

And it kind of lets them know what kind of a customer you’re going to be: Are you just going to skip ahead or are you actually going to follow through with everything that they have?

They ask, what concepts inside the video made you believe that this opportunity was right for you? 

So again, it’s, ‘what are you interested in of the products or services that we’ve talked about in the video?’.

‘What’s your most important goal right now?’ 

And, ‘why is it important that you meet, reach this goal ASAP?’. 

So again, they’re trying to find out what you know, and where you want to be in the next few months.

And right now, ‘what’s holding you back in an idealistic world?’. 

‘What would your monthly revenue be in order to make you feel happy and to feel like this is a huge success?’.

So now they’re getting into setting goals. 

‘What are your goals for your product or service?’. 

This is a question that I thought was really interesting, and this is why I wanted to bring this up today: they asked, ‘as a team, we’re very protective of who we work with and turn down clients on a regular basis’.

‘Why do you feel like you’re a good fit to work with us over another potential candidate?’ 

Now, I really liked this question because it really flips the script on the person filling it out.

So now instead of them trying to sell me a product or service, I have to sell myself to them saying that I’m going to be a good fit.

And when you do that, it kind of changes the tone of the call a little bit. 

It’s not about me giving you money.

Now, it’s about you. 

Are you able to help me and reach the goals that I’m getting or that I’m striving for?

They ask if there’s anyone else like a spouse or a business partner who needs to be on the call to make a final decision.

If the answer is yes, please bring that person to the call. 

This is important too, because you don’t want to get on some kind of a sales call and then find out that, ‘oh, well, I have to run this by my sales partner’, or ‘I have to run this by my spouse’.

They need to be on the call there with you at the time. 

And if they can’t be, you need to reschedule the call to make it so that everyone who needs to make the decision is available.

That way you can address any of their concerns or objections right there on the call. 

Then they ask, ‘if we discover you’re a great candidate to work with us, when do you want to get started?’.

That just lets them know their timeline. 

Another good one was, ‘what are you willing and able to invest in yourself if it means building a six to seven figure business using your podcasts this year?’. 

And then they do multiple choices where it’s: $0, up to $1,000, up to $5,000, up to 10,000 or 10,000 and beyond.

That kind of lets them know how much you’re willing to invest and if you are really in the right mindset to move forward with your product. 

Then the next page was just, ‘in order for the application to be considered, you have to book a time’, and it takes you to the scheduling page to make sure that you fill that out.

So these are some really good questions to ask on the survey. 

Now, again, it was 20 questions. 

It does take a little bit of time to fill out.

To me it seemed like a lot and just took a lot of time to get to the point where we’re actually scheduling the call itself. 

But I can see why they did that, because in order to go through this, it was maybe a 15-20 minute process.

I’m definitely going to be the kind of person that they want to work with. 

So that’s everything I’ve got for today on The Money Wheel.