Positivity in the Workplace

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Today we will cover how I want you to start, from this day forward, becoming a “good” finder. 

 That doesn’t mean that you’re going to look at the world through rose-colored glasses. 

Let me explain what this means by taking a step back here and giving you an example.

I want you to think about that person you work with, or maybe a family member, that every time you ask them how they’re doing they tell you all the bad stuff in their life; how they have a sick cat and their parakeet has a hang-nail, etc. 

When you hear them talk you may think, “Man, I wonder how one person can survive with all that bad stuff going on in their life?”

Well, did you ever notice how you end up avoiding that person whenever possible? 

When I see them coming, I tend to go the other way, just because I don’t want to hear all that negative talk. 

Now, everybody has a bad day from time to time, and I understand all that, but the point I’m trying to make is this: Are you that person with yourself? 

You’re the only person that talks to yourself all day long. 

So what happens over time is you keep being negative with yourself by saying or thinking: 

  • Oh, I can’t do this. 
  • Oh, I can’t do that. 
  • I’m not good at this. 
  • I’m not good at that. 
  • This would work for me except for _________ (fill in the blank).
  • The reason I can’t build a big business is I’m not good at dealing with people.

Whatever the excuse is, it creates your own personal limitation.

The reason I recommend becoming a good finder is because I want you to really pay attention to the stuff you say to yourself on a daily basis.

I admit, this is something that I struggle with every day and it’s a constant growing process, but I’ve gotten a lot better at it. 

Over the last few years I haven’t talked negatively about myself and I haven’t focused on why I can’t do something. 

That’s the same place I want you to arrive at, which is why the focus of this is to be a “good” finder, because I want YOU to start with YOU. 

You can’t control what the rest of the world does, but you can control the thoughts that you have in your own mind. 

It makes a big difference in your level of success. 

It’s just something I want you to make a conscious effort at as you are moving forward, because if you’re going to create an income, that is a million dollars a year income, you’re going to have to make some changes. 

And those changes will start with you.