Pick Yourself Up

Hello my friend and future millionaire. 

In the last email I covered how you should have an accountability journal to keep track of everything that goes on day-to-day in your business, as well as your personal life.

What you’re doing here is creating another source of income. 

If you build a huge business, and you want to coach other people how to do the same thing,  I want you to also think of that aspect as you journal.

In your accountability journal, when something goes bad, I want you to keep track of it. 

I want you to be honest with yourself; how long did you let it stop you? 

Here’s the problem I run into coaching a lot of people: when they start out with an online business they already have a job. 

So if they don’t do the day-to-day activities necessary to build their online business not much happens because their job is paying their bills.

If you’re somebody that is fully self-employed and you’re counting on business income to make it, you run your life a little differently.

But what I’ve found with a lot of people, when something gets them down, let’s say you run some ads or try to sell some products online and it doesn’t quite go the way you thought it should go right out of the gate, you end up depressed.

 All of a sudden a week goes by. 

Then two weeks. 

The next thing you know, your dream has fallen to the back of your mind, and your million dollar roadmap is forgotten as well as all your goals that go along with it. 

There’s a reason that, earlier in the building of your million dollar roadmap, we had you build a dream board…. Because I need you to stay focused on the end result. 

We’re all going to run into some challenges through life that we have no control over.

I need you to be able to get through those challenges as quickly as you can. 

One of the easiest ways that I’ve been able to hold myself responsible for all that stuff is by keeping an accountability journal.

Because then you can look back, and even though whatever happened may upset you or it may have changed things or whatever’s happened, you’re  still able to move forward because you know what you’re going after. 

You’re going through temporary struggles for long-term gain. 

This is  something to help you stay on track.