Idea To Income – #12

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Welcome to this episode of The Money Wheel. 

My name is Kris Hutchinson.

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about how to do research online, especially with Google.

Being able to know what to search for on Google is one of the skills that I find the most useful, because it allows me to search up problems that I have, to find troubleshooting solutions and things like that.

One of the things that I say is: if I can’t find it in five minutes, it’s too hard to find.

So with that being said, I just want to talk real quick about going over a few things with Google searches.

And then we’ll move into how to apply that directly to your product. 

I was with a client the other day, and he was doing some research for an affiliate product that he was affiliating for.

He doesn’t have a whole lot of computer skills, which is fine. 

We can help anybody with anything.

He was saying how he was Google searching something about bonuses. 

The product that he was marketing help people build pages for bonuses.

He really didn’t understand what kind of bonuses were available. 

Bonuses are a great thing to offer along with your product.

We’re definitely going to cover that in a future episode, but for now he just wanted to educate himself on some different bonuses.

So what he did was: typed in ‘bonus offers’, because that’s what they were called in the video that he watched.

That’s what the sales page was calling it. 

But when he Googled bonus offers, that’s not the thing that came up.

It wasn’t exactly helpful. 

So I told him to add a few words to it. 

He’s trying to do marketing.

We tried ‘bonus offers marketing’, and the whole first page was all about banks and the different offers that banks have to try to get people in the door.

Then again, that wasn’t helpful either. 

When you’re searching terms like this, especially broad terms like ‘bonus offer’, that’s something that is an inside term.

It’s also something that you can see as a customer, ‘Hey, here’s the bonus offer when you buy this thing’.

So ‘bonus offer’ is a term that’s going to come up everywhere. 

So what do you need to do? 

Just be very, very specific about what you’re doing.

Our client was doing affiliate marketing. 

He was looking for bonus offers. 

I told him to search those two things together: “bonus offers affiliate marketing’.

And when you do that, now you actually start getting some useful results. 

So, if you were having a hard time finding some things online, remember that, try to search the two terms together. 

By ‘a term’, I mean, it could be a couple of different words, whatever it is you’re trying to search for, but try to include the niche that it’s in as well.

That will usually help you get better results. 

Now, this part may not be for you. 

You might not have any troubles doing Google searches.

I know a lot of younger people have been using Google all their lives. 

So, they’re definitely used to it. 

But if this is something that’s troubling you or you’ve been stuck on it, hopefully that was able to help.

So how do you use that in your marketing research? 

What you want to do is Google search your niche and try to find a product that’s similar to yours.

Are you doing a course on how to mow lawns? 

Well, then search up ‘how to mow lawns course’, and see what comes up, anything like that, whatever it is.

What you do is go to their page and take a look at it. 

Now, when you’re doing this kind of research, you want to check what the price is, but also what’s included in the course.

Is it multiple videos? 

Is there a coaching call involved? 

What’s the breakdown with how they’re offering their information?

The other thing to look for too is: what bonuses are they offering? 

Do they offer additional courses and supplemental material, different things like that?

When you’re going through a funnel like that, especially if it’s a long form where there’s a video or a lot of copywriting, there’s a lot of text on the page, and you might have to scroll through pages and pages to get through the whole thing.

All of that stuff is good information, because if they’re selling a course similar to yours and they’re talking to the same people, you could definitely grab some of their messaging and use it for your own.

There’s a tool that I like to use and it’s called GoFullPage. 

It’s a Chrome extension. 

What it’ll do is: when you go to the sales page, you click the button, it’ll actually scroll through the entire page and take a screenshot of it.

So that way you can save it and just kind of scroll through and see what kind of copy that they’re using, what kind of images they have, the whole design and layout.

Then you can kind of use that for your own research. 

When you’re doing that, don’t steal directly from them.

Always make sure that if you take any copy that you put your spin on it, you never want to steal anything word for word.

Now that you’ve got their sales page, depending on the investment involved, it might be a good idea to purchase the product, because this will get you two different things.

First, you’ll have access to the product to see how it’s designed, and to see the points that they’re making that you can grab inspiration from.

It will take you through the rest of their funnel. 

So far, you’ve only seen the sales page, because that’s as far as you can get without making a purchase. 

Now you can see what their upsell is.

Are they offering additional coaching with it? 

Are they offering a VIP package? 

What do those look like? 

Can you choose to deny the upsell?

Is there a downsell involved? 

Are they offering you a transcription or an audio version of the course? 

Things like that.

So, by purchasing the course, you can actually see the rest of the funnel and you can use that tool: GoFullPage to capture the rest of their funnel, to see what their designs are and to do your own market research that way.

So that’s everything I’ve got for today on The Money Wheel.