Get Rid of the Excuses

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Welcome to this episode of The Money Wheel. 

My name is Don Shade. 

Now let’s step back for just a minute.

There’s a few things that I want you to take a look at, as we build your million dollar roadmap to wealth.

One of the things I want you to look at: what has changed in your life since you’ve started down this path of building your million dollar roadmap? 

Is your life getting more organized?

How do you handle things? 

When obstacles come up, are you your own best friend or your own worst enemy? 

How do you talk to yourself when you’re the only one that’s talking to you?

I want to hit that point because you know, the biggest thing that stops most people is self doubt.

They always think, ‘boy, I can’t do this, or I can’t do that’.

In the last episode I talked about the 25th hour and the 25th hour is set up for people that have made the decision that they’re going to build the online business of their dreams.

No matter what happens, ask yourself. 

One of the things in coaching, a lot of different students and just talking to students in general, I hear all kinds of excuses.

I don’t have time. 

I don’t have money. 

I’m not good on the computer. 

Well, let me be honest with you.

When I started this journey, I didn’t have any of that stuff, still to this day. 

I’m not good on a computer, now I’m getting better, but I didn’t really have time.

I worked a full-time job. 

I had other stuff going on. 

I made this business a priority in my life and that’s what you need to do as well as we start to move forward.

I want you to make sure that you’re writing in your journal, not so much, maybe things that happened that day, but how you handle things.

What’s the difference in you? 

Because I guarantee you this, the same person that started this journey isn’t the same person you’re listening to now.

Let’s say back to the beginning of the year, for example, I decided I was going to do a podcast every single day.

The guy that started that podcast on January 3rd or 4th, is different now because of the things I’ve been through and the stuff that I’ve coached you on, and the stuff that’s happened in life.

Are you someone who’s handling things differently now because of what you’ve learned from this podcast? 

Do you stop and think before you let something ruin an entire day? 

Do you know how to control your mindset to say: ‘okay, this happened’.

‘It’s the way it is’. 

‘We’re going to move forward in spite of this’. 

That’s just something I want you to think about.

That’s everything I have for today’s episode of The Money Wheel.