Coaching Customers – Part II

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Welcome to this episode of The Money Wheel. 

My name is Don Shade. 

Yesterday, we started getting into coaching customers.

I’d like to do is continue with that and make this the second part of coaching customers. 

Let’s start looking at the questions you want to ask. 

The very first question that I want to ask somebody when they’re looking at buying my product is this – ‘have you ever bought any other training like this?’.

If so, ‘what were your thoughts?’ 

What does that tell me?: Number one, ‘am I dealing with somebody that’s brand new that has no experience?’.

And number two, if so, ‘what were your thoughts?’. 

What if they say, ‘well, I didn’t care for it.’?

‘I got a refund’ or ‘the person wasn’t very good about it’.

As far as the training, ‘I wasn’t satisfied’.

Let me key into a little secret here: It probably wasn’t that person at all. 

Now sometimes you do get hooked up with a coach or you buy a product that isn’t in alignment with your thoughts, or isn’t taking you in the direction you want to go.

Most times when somebody says, ‘I got a refund’ or ‘I didn’t like it’, if they talk that way about that person, they’re probably going to talk that way about you.

And what we’re looking at here is how to avoid bad press, so to speak. 

I’m not saying don’t sell to them, but be prepared that you may deal with some people like that.

If they say, ‘I wasn’t satisfied with this training, I’m looking for something different’, maybe they’re somebody that’s always looking for something different and they’re never going to be satisfied. 

So that’s some of the stuff I want to cover in the first question I want to ask them: ‘have you ever had this training?’.

‘What were your thoughts on it?’ 

This way I get an idea of the way they think, and whether they’re going to be satisfied.

The next question I want to ask them is this: ‘are you building this business alone, with your spouse, or do you have a business partner?’. 

That tells me two things.

The first thing it tells me is: if I get on a phone call with these people, and we’re talking about buying a higher coaching product, if I’m going to sell them a bigger package of my coaching and my time. 

I’m going to know that there needs to be a spouse or a business partner involved, or I’m not willing to do the phone call, because you just told me you have a spouse or a business partner 

That also tells me that there might be more than one income involved.

If they say, ‘I’m single, I’m building this business on my own’, there’s nothing wrong with that. 

I’m single and I built my business on my own, so to speak. 

I built a team of people around me. 

Please remember, I’m far down the path. 

However, if you’re dealing with somebody that’s just starting out, it may make a big difference that you’re only dealing with one income.

So that’s the two things we want to get out of that question. 

The next question that I want you to ask is this: ‘do you have the skillset to do, whatever it is that I’m coaching you on, on your own?’. 

Let them write their thoughts out in order. 

This will tell you where they stand as far as ‘are they a technical person that can use a computer or do whatever it is that you want them to do?’.

And then the next question I want you to ask is: ‘if I were to offer coaching with this program, where I basically held your hand and helped you do it, or maybe if I offered a package that did it for you, is that something that would interest you?’. 

Let them answer and see what their thoughts are. 

Don’t get into price or anything like that, just see if there’s an interest. 

What that does is gives every customer that comes into your website or your funnel, a category to be put in. 

Some people are going to say, ‘oh, all I need is digital training’.

‘I can do it on my own, I have enough computer skills’. 

Or, they’re sharp people out there that are very good on a computer, they don’t need your coaching.

But there’s other people that would be tickled to death if you said to them, ‘Hey, what if I offered you a service where I hold your hand or I straight out do it for you?’.

And all that stuff is well worth it, if you put the right price tag on it. 

This is just another step in helping you create your Million Dollar Roadmap.

I don’t want to get into too much here in just one episode; I want to try to keep things short. 

This gives you a few key questions to ask so we know how to set things up, to get the perfect customer. 

That’s everything I have for this episode of The Money Wheel.