Changing Your Financial Picture

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Welcome to this episode of The Money Wheel. 

My name is Don Shade. 

In the last couple of episodes, I covered how carrying cash in your wallet makes you feel different because you’re carrying money, so let’s take things one step further. 

Remember in previous episodes, how I said that the product of your lifestyle today is how you spent all your yesterdays up until now.

Well, what it comes down to with your finances is the lifestyle that you have is determined by how you spent your money up to this point.

If you don’t have the money in the bank that you’d like to have, it isn’t because you didn’t make enough money, it’s because you’ve made the wrong lifestyle choices and you’ve lived above your means. 

In other words, you started out with one credit card, you used it to buy some stuff, and next thing you know, you made a few payments and maybe it was a Visa card. 

Well, MasterCard got wind of that so they’re sending you an offer in the mail and now you have a Vsa and a MasterCard.

Many people start looking at credit cards as income to spend this money (credit) and only pay a little bit a month but this is how people end up with a negative cash flow.

Now, while I agree that if you’re going to be in business and you’re somebody that maybe has already built a good credit score, we want to keep what we want, we value that.

But if you’re somebody that’s had some issues, maybe over the last year, because of what things had happened and maybe your credit isn’t the best, iIt isn’t the end of the world because there’s other ways that we can build wealth and get you back on track.

But what it comes down to is when you’re looking at your finances and things are moving forward, as we’re starting to put together your million dollar roadmap, I want you to really start thinking about how you’re spending your money.

The reason you don’t have money today is because of stuff that happened yesterday or last month, the decisions that you made, the thought process that you used to get where you are today, financially will not change the picture for you.

We have to do some different thinking and we have to do some different things. 

And the first thing that we need to do, I need to get you to be able to handle little money before you can handle big money.

A lot of people like for example, a guy that’s making $20 an hour, working in a factory, looks at a doctor and he says, man, if I had that income, I would be living comfortable. I wouldn’t have any money issues. 

Well, the problem is the doctor looks around and he looks at the next guy up the chain, maybe the guy that is president of the hospital, and he says, boy, if I was making that kind of money, I wouldn’t have any issues. 

Here’s what it comes down to:  All three people are broke on a different level. Why? Because they live their lifestyle right to the edge of their income.

In other words, they spend the checks that they get every week, as well as some money, they don’t have, they use Visa, MasterCard, or Discover to buy whatever they want.

They have cars financed out for seven years and/or a 30-40 year mortgage, and next thing you know, all your wealth is gone out the window because you hand it out in bills every month.

Our Money Mastery course goes into this in greater detail.

You can find this course by going to the and looking for the link that says “Money Mastery”

And a whole lot of detail more than what I’m saying here with just the depth of this podcast. 

Usually I don’t pitch a lot of stuff here, but I want to make sure that if you’re looking to change your financial picture, we can do that and get you the necessary training that you need.

That’s everything I have for this episode of The Money Wheel. 

We’ll see you next time.