Building Your Website

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Welcome to this episode of The Money Wheel. 

My name is Kris Hutchinson.

So today I want to walk through the process of exactly how to set up your website.

Now, I know we’ve talked on a few of these topics before, but I want to quickly walk you through the entire process.

So the first thing you need to do is find a domain name. 

I talked about domain names and previous episodes, and we’ve got some great tools on how to find ones that are already available over in the resources page.

If you go to:, after you find the right domain name, you’re going to need to register it.

And you can either do that at, or you can go to GoDaddy or any other registrar. 

Once you’ve got your domain set, you need to find hosting and depending on where you go, GoDaddy’s a great place.

If you’re a beginner and you’ve never done it before, their customer service is awesome, especially for setting up brand new websites.

So if you need any help with that, that’s a great place to go. 

Another website host that I like, especially if you’re running WordPress, is going to be WP Engine.

You can find links to both of these over on our resource page. 

After you get your hosting set up is when you actually create your email address and that’s going to be your, whatever it is.

Make sure you have one set up for yourself, but then also some generic ones like Support or Help or a Contact Us, any of those ones that you can put on your Facebook or onto your website itself.

People can get a hold of you and you don’t need to set up individual inboxes for these. 

You can set it up so that they just forward to your normal inbox, but that way you’re not giving out your actual email address to people.

After you have your email set up, then it’s time to look at either. 

If you’re going with GoDaddy, they use a C panel to install their website and to control a lot of the things there.

If you’re going with just a regular WordPress through WP Engine, you don’t really need to worry about C panel too much. They just go straight into WordPress. 

Using the C panel, you can install WordPress or a lot of other website types onto your website.

WordPress is the most common one. 

That’s the one that I’m most familiar with using, therefore that’s usually the one that I recommended.

Your seatbelt is also going to help you with your email addresses, any sub domains, add on domains and things like that.

Once you finally got your WordPress setup, then it’s time to actually build your homepage.  

The webpage builder that. I recommend is BeaverBuilder, it’s just a generic website builder.

I think it’s easy to use and has a very intuitive design. 

You should be able to learn this pretty quickly.

There are also other options. 

If you decide to go with Ontraport for a CRM, or is it all in one package, they also have a webpage builder and ClickFunnels does webpage as well.

If you’re going to deal with either of these two options, you probably don’t need a WordPress site. 

So there’s just some other options out there for you.

That’s all I’ve got for this episode of The Money Wheel.