Building A Team

Hello, my friend and future millionaire.

In the last email we discussed your learning style, and the possibility of hiring someone to read the books you’re interested in to an audio format, to help you build your business with the method that helps you learn the best. 

Let’s go back to your “hour of power”… the 25th hour as you’re putting your team together. 

Focus on creating a team to handle the stuff that (1) you’re either not good at, or (2) you just don’t like doing. 

Also, where most people make their mistake, is they don’t extend their team building into their personal life. 

If you can get some of the stuff out of the way in your personal life, like household chores, mowing the grass, shoveling snow, that kind of thing, it frees up a lot more time for business building.

I know we’ve covered that in an earlier email but I want to make sure you’re not forgetting about it. 

The main thing I want you to remember is this:  You don’t have to be everything to everybody. 

We’re going to build you a competent team of people so you can delegate the tasks you don’t enjoy or don’t excel at doing.

For instance, the reason Kris and I have such a great partnership is he handles everything on the technical end while I run the business. 

Coming up in a future email we’re going to have another one of my team members, one of the coaches that does e-commerce stores, her name is Andrea. 

How I utilize Kris and Andrea proves my point that I don’t try to be everything to everybody. 

I stick with what I’m good at, I keep that part of the business moving forward, and that’s the stuff that I coach you on.

I consume many types of training every day so I can plan out this million dollar roadmap in a way that you’ll understand how to work it and have massive success with it. 

So when you start looking at building your team I want you to think about who you can get that’s good at XYZ task or who excels at ________ (fill in your need).

Maybe you’re not a computer guy, so you’re thinking to yourself, I really have no business running an online business because I don’t know how to do it. 

Well, that’s fine because we can handle all that stuff for you!