Building A Survey

Hello, my friend and future millionaire. 

Welcome to this episode of The Money Wheel. 

My name is Kris Hutchinson.

In the last few episodes, Don’s talked about creating a survey to help you to find your best customers.

So I’m going to show you how to do that today. 

One of the simplest ways to do this is just to find an online form builder.

The one that we recommend using is called Wufoo, it’s by Survey Monkey. 

There’s a link to it over in 

When you’re setting up your survey, you can write out the question and then choose the type of answer that you want.

What we recommend doing is using a multiple choice option whenever you can. 

That just makes it a little bit simpler for your customer.

If you need to have them type in, obviously their name and their email address, and if they need to give short answers, they have text fields for you to do that.

So as you’re creating your survey, like I said, you want to make it as simple for your customer as you can.

One of the things that we ran into was: when you fill out the survey, it would take you to the next page, which for us was to set up a phone call.

Usually with that, the very first thing that’s asked when setting up the phone call is asking for your name and your email address again.

That’s one of the things that really irritated me: ‘why am I asking the same question twice within five minutes?’.

So there are ways that you can get Survey Monkey to talk to whatever the next website is, whether it’s to schedule a call or whatever. 

But they do get pretty intense.

It is a technical thing to do. 

So if you’re using some kind of a CRM, like we use Ontraport, you can actually have those forms built out inside your CRM.

That way, all that information goes right into your customer’s profile, and you only need to ask their name and address once.

So you can hop on Survey Monkey or the Wufoo form builder to create your form. 

It will keep it all online for you.

That way you have a link, you can share it with your team or whoever needs to have that information, to see the results of the survey for those customers. 

It’ll store it for you online and it makes it easier to share.

So that’s everything I’ve got for today on The Money Wheel..